Letters - August 23, 2017

Sir Bruce's death was end of an era

Wednesday, 23rd August 2017, 10:55 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 11:56 am
Sir Bruce Forsyth.

On Friday it really was the end of an era and generation with the very sad passing of Sir Bruce Forsyth.

Though I was too young to remember Sunday Night at the London Palladium, which was Sir Bruce’s major break into showbusiness, I am old enough to remember the 70s version of The Generation Game which was must-see telly back in the day, followed by Play Your Cards Right, The Price is Right, the reinvented version in the 90s of The Generation Game, his appearance in the noughties on Have I Got News for You and his swansong, Strictly Come Dancing.

A true all-round entertainer, he could sing, tap dance, was a very efficient piano player, told gags and loved dealing with the public.

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He was one of a kind who will be very sadly missed.

Here’s an idea that maybe the producer of Strictly may think about as a lasting tribute – why not rename the glitterball trophy after Sir Bruce?

Peter Keighley

via email


We need to learn vital healthy habits

Childhood obesity is one

of the biggest health threats that the UK faces and a year on from the Government’s published childhood obesity strategy, we are no closer to having a solution to the problem.

We agree with Cancer Research UK – more needs to be done.

The announcement on cracking down on calories in popular foods is something, but it’s not the whole picture.

What about the amount of physical activity our children are getting each day?

The recommended amount is 60 minutes but just one in five are achieving this.

The Obesity Strategy refers to the recently published Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy. But this only commits to increasing the number of primary school children normally walking to school to 55 per cent.

Although an increase, it’s a small one.

We want to see more ambitious targets around increasing everyday physical activity in our young children so that more are walking and learning vital lifetime healthy habits.

Steve Chambers

Policy & Research 
Coordinator, Living Streets


Ban booze from planes and airports

We have experienced drunken louts on some of our flights to Mallorca and we feel ashamed to be called British.

We see young people, mainly men, downing pints of beer in the airport as early as 5am.

Their attitude is “my holiday starts here”.

Why is it that those who abuse the system end up making it difficult for everyone else, and then every Brit is tarred with the same brush?

Why do journalists write articles about this problem but never mention the issue of drinking in the airport before boarding the plane?

Surely the solution must be to ban the sale of alcohol in the airports and even on the plane itself?

We have seen reports on Spanish TV showing the disgusting scenes that take place in their resorts.

These British people also take up a lot of time and resources by needing hospital treatment in the countries they visit.

M Bonser

via email


Labour clique not fit to govern UK

True to form, Corbyn has steadfastly refused to condemn the evil anti democratic regime in Venezuela.

For many years Corbyn has supported socialist dictatorships in that country. So have Diane Abbott, McDonnell and Ken Livingstone.

This clique also supported Castro when he ruled Cuba like a tyrant. Abbott has openly on air praised Mao - despite his murder of tens of thousands in China, and so has McDonell. He loves his little red book but clearly knows no history.

There is no mystery about their motives. All of them do not believe in freedom of the individual or free speech. There are all enemies of the open society.

Study their speeches and behaviour over decades and you will recognise a very common theme. Socialist dictatorships are revered by them.

Sadly, many are taken in by their political claims,and promises. Don’t be they are a sham.

When Livingstone was Mayor of London his private dealings with Chavez, the then dictator of Venezuela, raised a few eyebrows. Later revelations about oil purchases raised even more. His very close friendship with Corbyn was manifest during his time in office.

Not one of them is fit to be involved in the government of this democratic nation.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys