Letters - August 19, 2017

Not going to give up Sunday roast just yet

Monday, 19th August 2019, 1:06 pm
Sunday roast

The news has been dominated by climate change. Scientists have said we need to eat less meat to help save the planet from an over production of methane gas. Is that right?So, if I have read this correctly, by me doing without my Sunday roast and a nice steak and becoming a vegetarian, it is going to help the planet?I take it these same well-read scientists have never heard about the over-production of gas brought about by eating Brussels sprouts or baked beans. Equally, they have never heard about the effects of drinking 10 pints of Guinness on the human body?Maybe then, before I give up my Sunday roast, they should consider shutting down a few hundred coal-fired power plants in China and India.

Chris RamusAddress supplied

ENVIRONMENTLaudable to declare Climate EmergencyThere seems to be little point trying to convince the very few climate change deniers that write to your letters page. They are unable to accept the scientific and the physical evidence.Laudably, Blackpool Council have declared a Climate Emergency. They are putting into place plans to mitigate climate damage, including holding a climate conference about managing the challenge of protecting coastal heritage in the face of climate change .It is to be hoped that Fylde Council will also recognise the climate damage we are facing and also declare a Climate Emergency along with over two hundred councils who have already done so.

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Mrs A FieldingSt Annes

FRACKINGSupport green jobs instead

Cuadrilla has restarted its fracking activity in Lancashire despite the escalating climate crisis and the fact that drilling operations have led to earthquakes. In 60 days of fracking last year, there were 57 earthquakes in Lancashire. Friends of the Earth is calling for the controversial industry to be banned. Kick-starting a new fossil fuel industry when the impacts of climate breakdown are already ruining lives doesn’t line up with the Government’s claims to be a climate leader. Companies are turning a blind eye to the climate crisis and have been lobbying for earthquake safety limits to be relaxed. This is only after they’ve realised that fracking can’t be done without potentially dangerous effects underground. Fracking isn’t part of the future if we are serious about avoiding climate breakdown. Instead of backing climate-wrecking fracking, the Government should ban it and support renewable energy and green jobs instead.

Jamie PetersFriends of the Earth

MYANMARAction needed to help refugees

In August 2017, the world was shocked when the Myanmar military launched a horrific campaign of violence on the country’s Rohingya people.A United Nations investigation team has called for senior military officials to be investigated and prosecuted for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide.Now, two years on, Rohingya refugees are still trapped in crowded camps in Bangladesh. We urgently need our Government and others to step up to ensure accountability for atrocities, push Myanmar to restore rights for the Rohingya, and support refugees in Bangladesh.

Norah Lynam Fylde Coast Amnesty International group