Letters - August 19, 2016

SOCIAL MEDIADivisive development in modern societyYour story about a girl being told by members of the public to jump from the top of a high building, an action that would almost certainly have caused her death, is horrifying but not surprising.

Friday, 19th August 2016, 11:51 am
Updated Friday, 19th August 2016, 12:54 pm
Specially trained negotiators are on the scene

In a recent letter I criticised the growth in the use of mobile phones to photograph injured people. I have no doubt whatsoever that there would have been a rush to take photos of this young girl as she lay dying. Those photos would then have been posted on social media .

To say there is a sickness in our society is a gross understatement. Today, there are people of both sexes who relish and get kicks out of other people’s suffering. No words can describe such individuals.

I also find it deeply disturbing that in this instance the police didn’t clear the area and prevent these offensive and sick people from baying at a poor girl like an unhinged mob.

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I repeat what many eminent researchers, such as Professor Tom Jenkinson, have said here and in America, namely that the social media together with the mobile phone is: ‘One of the most divisive and dangerous developments of modern times. It’s obvious merits masks a host of anti social dangers that society will regret in years to come’.

I would like to apologise to the mother and daughter for having to witness such foul and totally irresponsible behaviour from elements of our society who besmirch it.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


There have been plenty of accidents

We in the village are so disgusted at the planning inspector’s decision at the site opposite our home which is now not worth a carrot.

He maintained there had been no accidents with traffic coming off this site, wrong!

There has been numerous since November 6 2009, two ponies run down, that many dogs we have lost count.

As for traffic coming out of the farmer’s track from the site I personally have seen travellers pay car drivers cash to get their cars repaired many times.

My eyes do no lie.

Win Williamson



Don’t treat the
people like nerds

Re the Clifford Chambers letter We All Know The Way The Wind Blows.

Please do not try to treat Blackpool people like nerds. The crowds that went to watch the demolition of Layton flats will have tried to find the best position, to get a good view. The conditions were not gale force winds, and to get a reasonable view therefore some had to stand down wind.

All the people could not watch from one site and when dust cloud appeared, to shout run could cause panic and people trampled underfoot, plus they can’t run in a crowd.

R Wright

Address supplied


Opposition grown with awareness

The description of the shale gas Shangri-la described by the Honourable Lady, Minister for Energy, would be most compelling if we had not spent the years since the only deep level, high intensity fracking fiasco actually researching the reality.

In 2011, fracking company Cuadrilla had a go, got it very wrong (as Blackpool and the Fylde can testify!) and the result was a two year moratorium. Since that time Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have said “thanks, but no thanks.”

Only in England are voters still under the shale gas shadow.

The Minister is quick to explain the benefits of shale and to reassure us that all is safe and there is only good news ahead. At the very same time she tells us that communities where fracking is imposed will get compensation and important areas of countryside will have no fracking at all!! Really, she cannot have it both ways and the problem is, the public realise this.

As awareness has grown, so too has opposition to imposing fracking upon our over-crowded country where no land is expendable. Even a country the size of Germany has rejected fracking to protect its citizens, and it’s not alone. The You Gov Poll conducted since this latest government shale gas charm offensive started showed that people remain unconvinced. It confirmed last month’s poll by ComRes ( commissioned by pro fracker Lee Petts’ Remsol) which showed opposition outstrips support in every region in the country. Not for the first time, treating the electorate as idiots has failed.

The government consistently promised that a decision about specific planning proposals would always to be judged on an individual basis. By common consent, a six week Public Inquiry crushed the Cuadrilla case for fracking at Roseacre Wood. The Government should respect the policies and the process which resulted in the Lancashire decision and reject Cuadrilla’s appeal to frack at Roseacre.

It should then consider whether the majority might just be right about it all.

Roseacre Awareness Group


I fully support pro-fracking movement

It is refreshing to read a minister talking logically and looking to the future.

I fully support the pro fracking movement – it will create many new jobs and we must not allow ourselves to be at the mercy of outside suppliers for our energy.

The anti fracking camp do not seem to appreciate the regulatory process and appear to react hysterically whenever the word fracking is mentioned - they seem to think that Armageddon will arrive.

They also fail to realise what it would be like with no power to supply all our lives and industries.

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