Letters - August 17, 2017

Resort needs much better bus station

Thursday, 17th August 2017, 11:31 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 11:54 am
Blackpool Central Coach Station by reader Jean Bleasdale

We have just recently been on holiday and our coach pick up was Central Coach Bus Station.

With all of the improvements taking place in our town why have we no bus station? It was raining and there was nowhere to sit and get a coffee and the toilets were not working .

It’s a disgrace.It must be someone’s job, to decide where the money goes.

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Other members of the public travelling could not believe that it was our only bus station.

We have a wonderful promenade but just across the road is the bus station which is a complete eyesore.

Other towns have sheltered bus station, why not us?

Jean Bleasdale

North Shore


Investment has paid off for resort

The re-opening of a large disused Mecca Bingo Hall with a vision of transforming it into a multi-purpose entertainment complex in 2011/2012 was to be honest an ambitious and risky ploy.

This level of responsibility and financial undertaking is not a task for the faint hearted.

As independent investors their hard work, and tenacity has paid off. Putting an empty building back in use, providing year round local employment is a positive for a town like Blackpool and a boost for its local economy.

There is a growing sense of optimism with investment in Blackpool. Deserved congratulations to Leye D Johns, Martin Heywood and all who have been involved with the Viva journey and their now recognised ‘Viva Vegas’ brand .

Stephen Pierre

via email


Fines not practical

How on earth does our council propose to impose a fine on anyone feeding the gulls?

The volume of visitors to our resort and the amount of food discarded around main food outlet areas is vast.

Local police haven’t got the time or the staff to enforce such a fine and, to be honest, they have more serious concerns to uphold the law and what if the council employed gull wardens, how would they catch them?

They’d need to patrol all key areas 24 hours a day. Seagulls only seem to become more aggressive while feeding their young and the food left discarded is there for the taking, even if customers sat on an outside cafe table leave their food exposed, the gull with young to feed is keeping watch and will swoop regardless.

Bin bags left exposed are ripped open by gulls and starlings alike when they know food is inside.

Late revellers dropping pizza remains, fish n chips, burgers you name it, our bird population aren’t fussy.

So what if the general public became more vigilant making sure there were no bin bags strewn around and catering businesses kept their rubbish in containers shut tight and those eating takeaway food made sure they disposed of any remains responsibly well, we know that’s not going to happen and warning signs not to leave food waste strewn around or feeding gulls won’t work when most people don’t take heed to signs anyway.

We live by the sea where seagulls are rife just like all other seaside towns and if we’re not prepared to follow simple advice then we should learn to put up and shut up!

Clifford Chambers



Sadness at state of home town

As a ‘Sandgrown ‘un’ it hurts to say it but Blackpool town centre is a dump.

Nothing more than a collection of empty shops and litter filled streets.

Isn’t it time members of the council started to walk around the place and see the reality and stop dreaming of ‘fantasy projects’ such as running trams up Talbot Road.

The people of Blackpool, and the environment they live in should matter, especially as the council are supposed to be ‘socialist’.

Let’s hope when the central car park becomes available for redevelopment we will get an all year round family attraction that will bring people into the town.

This is surely the only way things will improve. Also if we do need to move the Wilko store, why not move it to the BHS site?

Much cheaper and easier.

Neal Duffy

via email