Letters - August 16, 2016

Blackpool Magistrates CourtBlackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
CIVIC PRIDECourt surroundings are in terrible stateI recently had occasion to visit the Blackpool Magistrates' Court via the steps in Chapel Street and was appalled by the dilapidated state of the steps and terracing, including the flower bedded area surrounding the Court buildings.

Rubbish, weeds and grass in abundance looking like a Third World area.

What happened to this once proud civic area, and what a dreadful advert for Blackpool?

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To add insult to injury this is the very building where community service orders are imposed! Let’s see some justice and brighten this area up, at least the offenders won’t have far to travel to get cracking.

Martin Wilson

Via email


Where are these thousands of jobs?

I have to say I totally agree with Anne Nightingale and Simon Sweeney’s letters in Saturday’s Gazette.

It appears this government is carrying on with Cameron’s policy of jack booting all over local democracy. Are they not aware that there are more than three hundred thousand signatures on various petitions against this dirty polluting practice?

People like Babs Murphy from the Camber of Commerce, Stay Blackpool and the North West Energy Task Farce have repeatedly told us that fracking will ‘Create thousands of jobs’ Have you ever noticed that not one of these learned people have ever said what these ‘thousands of jobs ‘ will entail? Who are the employers going to be, will they be skilled or manual workers, where will all these workers come from? Seems to me and many others I have spoken to that this is all a load of bull droppings. (Family paper, but you know what I mean).

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Mr Sweeney is right. Green energy is the way to go but this and the previous government won’t have it. The experts have told us time and again in these pages that there will be little noise, little pollution and all will be safe. Given the premise that these experts do not work for nothing, whom do you suppose is paying there consultation fees? Couldn’t be Cuadrilla...could it?

David Nicholls



Looking for my 
long lost father

Hi there, my name is Robyn and I am currently on a search to find my father.

He has not been in contact with me for approximately 10 or 11 years.

I don’t know very much about him. The last place I know of him to have been was somewhere in Blackpool. His name is Thomas Gerald Barr his age range is from 40-50 and he has just remarried in the past three-five years.

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He lived in Northern Ireland when I was younger then left to go to Blackpool


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Reminders of 
Ted Heath?

“To govern is to serve – this Government will be at the service of all the people, the whole nation. Our purpose is not to divide but to unite and where there are difficulties to bring about reconciliation”.

So said the Right Honourable Edward Heath before entering Downing Street in June 1970. Remind you of anyone?

There then followed over the next four years a time of continual economic turmoil, industrial disruption, terrorist threats, corruption in high places, social divisiveness and despair in certain quarters, with the occasional declaration of a state of emergency.

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I do hope that 2016 to 2020 does not replicate too closely this particular period of British history.

David Haigh

Address supplied


Creating a climate

of contempt

That the Government should resort to crude bribes in the hope of reducing opposition to hydraulic fracturing conveniently demonstrates its incomprehension of a principled opposition.

Perhaps only the Conservative party in Government is prepared to put a price tag on the climate which sustains our planet, on the air we breathe, and on the water we drink.

Clearly its opinion of the ideals and hope which motivate the common man is low.

Do we have the Government we deserve? Surely not.

David Cragg-James

via email


UKIP praise for work of CAMRA

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Congratulations to CAMRA - Campaign for Real Ale, which has recently conducted a survey of 2,000 people asking them their thoughts on the continuing number of pub closures.

Their response clearly put the blame on cheap alcohol available from supermarkets, high rents and wholesale beer prices from pubcos, along with high taxation and VAT on beers imposed by the Government.

Their remarks echo those published in MEP Paul Nuttall’s ‘Last Orders’ book in UKIP’s Save the Pub Campaign.

The British pubs are an important part of our communities and when one closes, it is not only a loss to the regulars, it causes job losses and hardship to all who are affected within the communities, and with 21 currently closing each week that represents thousands of jobs overall.

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UKIP would recommend a Royal Commission to investigate pricing structures used by breweries through pubcos and in particular through their wholesale prices to supermarkets to establish what makes the costs higher to their tied houses.

We would take appropriate actions on the findings as well as reducing any unnecessary EU-derived and UK regulations in order ensure that our pubs thrive for the benefit of future generations.

Philip Griffiths

North West President

UKIP (UK Independence Party)


Are the robots
taking over?

I sometimes use self-service tills at supermarkets, usually because there are queues or a lack of people manning the other check-outs.

But I often feel a tad guilty. Are robots taking over our jobs and, by going self-service, am I contributing to this?


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