Letters - April 25, 2017

POLITICSCaution over Mrs May's call to armsBe careful what you wish for Dr Barry Clayton (Gazette letters, April 20), heralding Theresa May's election call, as astute and timely due to her negotiations over a hard Brexit and a weak opposition.

Tuesday, 25th April 2017, 1:20 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:41 pm

Her call to arms was more likely to do with the financial situation in Britain faltering in the near future as the post Brexit economy weakens.

The weakened Brexit pound, which encouraged our exports as the cost of our goods fell in the markets abroad, will end soon.

After years of Tory austerity that brought about the worst cuts in the country since the depression of the 30’s, an election now is important for the opposition parties to condemn policies of this establishment right wing party and vote for a sensible manifesto that will restore stability for the poorer sections of society, destroyed by the Tory establishment.

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We the ordinary people will at last have the chance to decide if we want her to continue with her privatisation plans of the NHS, with more cuts to social welfare benefits to the disabled and unemployed. We can choose to end zero hour contracts that affect our young from obtaining credit for mortgage deposits without permanent work. At last we can choose to end the government’s position on allowing the rich to continue avoiding tax at our expense and reject their tax avoidance strategies!

We can choose to train our own nurses and end Mrs May’s recruitment of nurses from abroad. We can choose policies that end food banks, restore grants to local authorities to keep our services open, such as libraries and child care centres. We can aim to keep jobs in the steel industry instead of imports from China. This is the best chance we have to rid ourselves of their injustice by reversing the rot that is riddled through the present government’s policies to only reward the rich at our expense!

Roy Lewis



Too much foul 
language about

I agree with a recent letter about swearing.

I also deplore foul language, I turn most of these comedy programmes off.

I also find that I start to read a book, get into the story, then the foul language starts.

Mrs Jean 



Nowhere else to park sometimes

I am writing about people complaining about cars and vans parked on the pavement.

I am a retired HGV driver and there are many times I have done deliveries on estates and couldn’t get through because of cars parked on the road; getting out of the cab and knocking on doors to get them to move them.

The roads we’ve got in this country were built long ago when there weren’t a lot of cars.

You might get, twice a week, the rag-and-bone men and the greengrocers with their horse and carts. Now some families have two and three cars, so parking is difficult. The best thing these people can do so they don’t get fined is to park on the road and see which services complain – first, dustbin lorries, fire service and ambulance service.

When you’ve got roads that were built 60 years ago and are not wide enough, what do you expect people to do?

Mr D Matthews

Via email


Tram fare dodging 
is becoming a joke

The tram user from Marton is right when they say conductors don’t collect fares on trams .

Today I had my ticket checked by an inspector on the no 4 bus route from Cleveleys,all good and proper. However I have travelled on the trams many times this year and I witnessed three times tram users have sat opposite me and not even been approached for a ticket. Each time the tram was quiet.

They have got off Scott free with the conductors just not paying attention. Not a one-off but three times that I noticed. Last year was the same.

Why don’t inspectors travel on the trams and see for themselves?

Blackpool transport on the whole is very good but allowing fare dodging to this extent is causing trouble for the good people of Blackpool. It’s becoming a joke

Eddie Fewings



Stop trying to be world’s policeman

Just what is the Government of the United States up to, with all the sabre-rattling against North Korea?

Maybe they should remember that the US, France, Australia and Great Britain tested and stored nuclear weapons in the 1950s and 60s. And yet when North Korea tests a rocket or two, the US Government act like hysterical children, shouting and screaming that they are a ‘rogue state’ and that “appropriate action must be taken”.

As far as I can see, the only rogue state appears to be the USA! What does President Trump want? Another Vietnam?

Leave North Korea alone, America, and stop trying to be the world’s policeman.

Edward Mitchell

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