Letters - April 24, 2017

POTHOLESShall I bill the council for pothole damage?I have again today driven along Victoria Road in Poulton and still find the road surface is pitted with pot holes.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 24th April 2017, 11:12 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:52 pm

From one end to the other you just can’t miss hitting these potholes causing untold damage eventually to cars and cycles alike. Cyclists have to weave and swerve around these potholes and it’s only a matter of time before something happens.

I have personally reported this matter to Wyre Council twice on the My Council site and yet nothing gets done. Could the Wyre councillors just take a short walk from there warm offices along this stretch of road to see what it’s like in the real world.

I do hope this letter gets printed because if the locals agree with me in Poulton that the damage being caused to vehicles ( suspension and springs etc) and cycles (tyres and wheels) let alone the danger factor then consider billing the council for repairs.

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Kevin Hill

The Nook



Spend some foreign aid budget on roads

I understand that more than 10 per cent of the massive £12bn we hand every year to corrupt, nuclear armed dictatorships (otherwise called UK Foreign Aid) is earmarked for infrastructure improvements.

How about a tiny fraction of this is swag is spent filling a few potholes on the Fylde coast first.

The surfaces are so bad now it sometimes it feels like I’m off roading just driving down to the bingo!

I’m elderly now have downsized my car but I’m seriously thinking I should buy back the Land Rover I used to drive in my younger years.

Any party which pledges to cut this criminal waste of our money, known as foreign aid, has got my vote - if I can still get the car to the polling station that is!


South Shore


Poor service and rude bus drivers

I am writing about my experience of poor service earlier this month.

I called into a south Fylde post office to purchase a second class stamp to put on a sealed birthday card. The postmaster told me “We don’t have single ones, only books of 12.” I replied I didn’t want to purchase 12 so he offered to rip it in half and give me six, which I reluctantly purchased. I said I’d never know a post office not sell single stamps, a very curt reply of “We have wages to pay” was the answer. Needless to say I will not be going again.

And on Thursday of the same week I hurried to catch the stationary number 78 bus at St Annes Square. As I got on I smiled at the driver and he said with a raised voice “I bet you think this is hilarious, me being late so you can get on. I’ll give you a timetable. Next time hurry up.”

I booked to Folkstone Road, as I took my bus pass he shouted for me to take the ticket. He was very rude as other passengers witnessed.

His bad day should not be taken out on the passengers on his bus.

Mrs Joan Smith

Dawson Road

St Annes


Setting record straight on bridge

Coun Fred Jackson is claiming credit for the reopening of Crossleys bridge by saying “it opened on time as we promised.”

The reason it opened on time is due to the expertise and efforts of Network Rail, designers , structural engineers and contractors - not the politicians.

Ray Gudgeon

Galway Avenue

North Shore


New double deckers are far from perfect

I keep seeing articles about, and reading about, our new double decker buses, but a few things could have been designed better - like more seats downstairs, the large step up and down at the back of bus, the seating position over the rear axle, the eyeline is in line with window frame, and at bus stops, the buses are stopping and starting - why?

Mr R Armstrong

Cherry Tree Road



What if Spain took over Cornwall?

We English must be the most superb experts in hypocrisy.

For example: In the 1830s (1832?), a gunboat from our country approached an island in the vicinity of the South American continent.

It took off all the inhabitants and dumped them on the next immediate country – Argentina. Then agents on the gunboat planted a few pillar boxes and called the island The Falklands. We actually fought a war over the island in the 1980s, claiming the island as our own.

About 300 years earlier, there must have been a great war in Europe. It terminated in 1715 when there was a treaty and Britain claimed Gibraltar.

Over the next centuries, Britain was truly ‘Great’ and the ‘Rock’ bustled with things particularly essential in the Great Wars of the last century.

Modern warfare will make Gibraltar obsolete, but we still fortify it with English ‘Bobbies’ and fish and chips.

I wonder what we would think if a bit of Cornwall was taken over by the Spanish.

Robin Parker

Via email