Letters - April 10, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn is under fire for his response to Labour's anti-Semitism scandal.Jeremy Corbyn is under fire for his response to Labour's anti-Semitism scandal.
Jeremy Corbyn is under fire for his response to Labour's anti-Semitism scandal.
Vote for a sensible party to help poor

Once again the media led by Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers and the BBC are trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn.

First of all, he was a Russian spy filmed in front of the Kremlin with a doctored hat, then he has been likened to Himmler, a killer of Jews.

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Even the Woman for all Seasons and Occasions joined in at Prime Minister’s questions on Wednesday, March 21. Mrs May also found a small amount of money from the magic tree for the hard-pressed NHS staff.

Even now they have not caught up after seven years of austerity. The train strikes go on because of Mr Grayling’s hate of unions which is costing millions in lateness to work etc for many.

In spite of being told that the economy is doing well, we still have loads of food banks and people sleeping rough.

Boris Johnson is trying to emulate Winston Churchill by taking us to war with Russia. If Mr Putin gets mad and turns off the gas imports we will be in trouble.

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So, if you want a sensible party that looks after the poor and downtrodden in the local elections and national elections, vote for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

Brian Gannon

Via email


Pedestrians have no chance here

It is about time Blackpool council got to grips with the appalling parking situation in Blackpool, starting with the chaos that is Subway on the corner of Squires Gate Lane and Lindale Gardens.

At times walking on the road on a dangerous corner is the only way past this nightmare, not only for pedestrians but wheelchair users and pram pushers also have no chance. Also a clampdown on van users and others parking on corners, where there is no chance to see the oncoming traffic, would be a start.

What is the point of learning the Highway code and testing new drivers if no-one bothers to obey it?

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Parking on the pavement is the norm in South Shore - pedestrians have no chance around here!


Via email


Money spent in wrong places

Unless politicians, both national and local, stop spending money they haven’t got and, more importantly, money WE haven’t got, there are going to be a lot more homeless people on the streets of this poverty-stricken nation.

A 10 per cent rise in council tax is unacceptable, on top of all the other unaffordable rises in utility bills and so on.

While blinkered politicians continue to funnel our money abroad on insane foreign aid schemes and deny investment in our local services, many more people will die on the streets and on the hospital wards, while waiting for transport that never turns up.

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One hundred and forty one homeless people died on the streets of London last year while politicians walk by on the other side.

G Kendall

Address supplied


What is happening to our society?

Knife crime on the rise - what a shocking fact. I suppose knives are easy to come by so are probably the weapon of choice for the hooligans who are carrying them.

When I go out I don’t feel the need to go tooled up, so what’s making the youth of today feel they have to carry these killers? I feel so sad and scared as to what’s happening to our society, it’s a real worry.

Jayne Grayson

Via email


Is TV’s war coverage fuelling knife crime?

We are hearing about escalating violent knife 
and gun crime in London and other cities on a daily basis.

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I wonder if the BBC and ITV would accept any responsibility for bringing ‘war-zones’ into our homes? Night after night, the evening news invariably begins with an ‘in-depth’ report on fighting in Syria or the Congo or somewhere similar.

Young boys are fascinated, watching this while eating, before going out to meet up with the ‘gang’.

If the news media are simply reflecting on an ever-increasingly violent society, then they are doing a good job.

I just wish they would not promote it in my living room and give us some positive news for a change, but please not any more of Prince Harry’s silly antics!

Basil A Smith

via email