Letters - 31 May 2017

Blackpool South Pier
Exterior view of the Beachcomber, the new amusement centre at South PierBlackpool South Pier
Exterior view of the Beachcomber, the new amusement centre at South Pier
Blackpool South Pier 23.7.63 Exterior view of the Beachcomber, the new amusement centre at South Pier
NATIONAL GRIDUnacceptable mess after utility worksThe upheaval and inconvenience caused by workmen of the National grid in South Shore was tolerated only for residents' own good.

However, when the digging and replacing of the pavement slabs was complete, an unacceptable mess was left, with bits of rubble, soil and dust. They used the latest in technology to do the main excavating, yet couldn’t even manage a sweeping brush or water hose to remove the debris - and this was left for residents to tread into their homes. Poor do National Grid!

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore


South Pier lettering was family concern

I was very interested in the piece on South Pier in Memory Lane last Friday.

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My late father and a friend had a small engineering firm at the back of Station Road and they won the contract to make and fit the letters that make up the name of the pier and are clearly seen on the photograph. I remember my mum saying dad had to wrap up warm as the weather was not the best for putting the letters in place.

My daughters remember seeing this when they were youngsters and now we can show my grandchildren part of their family history.

Sylvia Guise

Via email


Thank you to all our Society volunteers

Every day thousands of young people across Lancashire are helped to improve their lives by the 1,739 inspiring people who give up their time and volunteer for The Children’s Society.

To celebrate national Volunteers’ Week (June 1-7) I want to say thank you to all our volunteers and supporters for their incredible contribution and the huge variety of ways they give their time and voices to support our work with young people affected by issues such as abuse, hardship and neglect.

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There are 311,802 children living in Lancashire and 13,456 are classed as children ‘in need’. The Children’s Society’s volunteers, campaigners and supporters make an enormous difference to so many lives by supporting young people directly in our projects, helping in our charity shops, raising funds and awareness of our work.

This month we’re celebrating being re-awarded the ‘Investing in Volunteers’ quality standard which means we are one of the top organisations to volunteer for and provide wonderful training, support and recognition for good work. If you would like to talk to us about how you could get involved, you can find out more at childrenssociety.org.uk/volunteer or call 0300 303 7000.

Matthew Reed

Chief Executive

The Children’s Society


What makes pacifists so dangerous?

This is an open letter I’ve sent to Michael Fallon, Secretary of State for Defence, about dangerous pacifists.

‘During the Today programme on Radio 4 on May 11 you made reference to Jeremy Corbyn as “essentially a pacifist, he would be a very dangerous leader of our country”. I do not usually get excited by phrases, but the idea of “dangerous pacifists” has a real tingle factor.

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There are a wide range of pacifist stances, most of which require lasting commitment, clarity of purpose and courage. The unconditional rejection of all forms of warfare is not undertaken lightly.

Just how dangerous can a pacifist be? Mahatma Ghandi effectively defeated the British army in India. Churchill called him “a half naked fakir” who by eating salt brought about the end of British rule in India. There are many examples of major change being wrought by non-violent means.

A photograph of children fleeing a napalm attack in Vietnam was taken by Nick Ut on June 8, 1972.

After the concerns over showing full frontal nudity were overcome the picture went on the play a major role in bringing the Vietnam war to an end. This was more powerful than the collective effect of seven million tons of bombs.

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I have to ask you what it is it that makes pacifists so dangerous?’

Martin Schweiger

Address supplied


Was it a case of 
avocade hand?

Due to the current popularity of avocados being promoted as a health food, one doctor has reported seeing up to four cases a week of ‘avocado hand’ - a condition caused by cutting the slippery fruit.

It has been suggested that avocados should be accompanied by instructions on how to prepare them! What next- a blunt knife? On another note, in my days, all celery was white. Why can I only get the green kind now? Perhaps some gardener could supply the answer?

Mrs K Smith

Via email


Help charity as it hits pension years

We are a charity, Rainbow Bridge Cat Sanctuary based in Blackpool. For 17 years, we have been taking in unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens.

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We are an excepted charity status linked to St Francis Mission, an old Catholic Church. The reason for our appeal is we are getting old and nearing 70 years of age. Our pension just about covers the mortgage but leaves us relying on the good people of Blackpool for help in feeding the cats.

What we really need in an benefactor who can underwrite our mortgage of five years left at £75,000. This would free us to feed the cats, take care of vets bills and provide us with a basis to be able to hand on the sanctuary to a capable charity when we are no longer around.

We follow a neutering policy and do get occasional help from Cats Protection. We pray for all our donors. If anyone can help in any way, or want to visit give us a call on (01253) 622042 or visit http://sanctuary.beep.com

If anyone needs a reference they can contact our vet Dr Andrew Milne, Norcross Veterinary Hospital, Norcross Lane, Blackpool.

Father Anthony

Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary