Let’s light up these chilly days

Thankfully, it’s all done now, apart from some Christmas gift wrapping and, of course, those last-minute panic buys.

Thursday, 19th December 2019, 5:00 pm
Christmas centrepiece

At last, the main festive shopping is sorted, cards sent and arrangements complete – we hope!

This year will be the first She Who Knows and myself have celebrated Christmas at Edmonds Towers – after visiting a few nearest and dearest to spread Yuletide cheer.

Previously, we’ve always been rushing elsewhere. Hopefully, it should be a cosy, relaxing affair.

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I’ve got the drinks; she’s got the food, so let’s settle back and see what’s on telly!

Families do get separated nowadays and some of ours are as far as one can go, baking in New Zealand’s summer.

Also, we’re none of us getting younger or as inclined to travel. So, as we do finally put up our feet and relax, let’s also think of those who aren’t at their healthiest or best and wish them well.

The same rather goes for that bad-tempered and rushed General Election just past – and now resolved.

Like Christmas festivities, it’s a leap of good faith in humanity, welfare and trust. Nothing we do is perfect and none of us know what’s best all the time. We’re entitled to our opinions and should respect others’ rights too.

Let’s accept how events have settled; commiserate with those who lost but, also, support those now burdened with honouring pledges and promises; try to forget old differences so keenly felt and fought over.

As with Christmas, let’s show tolerance and share goodwill. It’s only by pulling together we will progress and share in the plentiful benefits of these times. Let’s light up these chilly but warm-hearted seasonal days with hope; keep the faith and do our best – together; then our New Year truly will be better, for all.

Merry Christmas!

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