Working from home era will end writes Andy Mitchell

Are you still working from home? Do you prefer it that way or do you long to be back among the drama of the workplace?

Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 12:30 pm
New office block in Blackpool town centre

I mention this in the week we learn about new office blocks going up in central Blackpool, presumably in the hope that people will want to work in them.

The new plans to relocate civil servants into the town centre (pictured) are terrific and will provide a much needed boost to the daytime and evening economy.

I have no doubt at all that the era of working from home will drift away, and people will do what they do best, that is to get together and enjoy each other’s company during the workday.

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That said, it is true to say that many have found that what we are being told is a hybrid working model is probably the way forward for them. A friend of mine whose colleagues are scattered across the four nations says that works fine for him, and geographically it makes sense. However, I do fear that cutting ourselves off from our work colleagues could be damaging in several respects. First of all, many will tell you that you have to actually be seen at the office in order to register on the boss’s radar. Those who are there all day are the ones who get on in their careers, we are told.

Secondly, a life outside the home when you physically GO to work must help in the great battle for a work/life balance. It must be difficult to apply yourself fully to the issues of the day when you’re perched at the same kitchen table you’ll be serving tea at later.

Of course we are all different, and on the back of the recent crisis, some may have found their new way of working.

I’m a bit of an old fashioned guy though, so popping on a sharp suit and going to the office is an essential part of the day.

I wonder how many secretly miss the banter and the rivalry at work? Zoom meetings have seen us through, but a get together in person (with cakes!) is even better.

Our new office blocks in town will look magnificent, but for them to work properly, we need them filled with workers.

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