We’re all just a part of nature

We’ve been enjoying the outdoors life in this glorious July weather – and also thanks to those unsung heroes, who keep our outside places up to scratch.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 3:45 pm

Here in Blackpool we’re grateful to council park workers and those who maintain amenities and environment through all weathers, with diminishing or, in many cases, few rewards.

Take beautiful, award-winning Stanley Park. The Friends group there are volunteers. While, at the nearby superb cricket club, unpaid helpers have brought the place up to top mark together with a Lancashire and council makeover. People like Don, the octogenarian who’s painted its perimeter walls brilliant white; or Alan, a retired gardener not much younger, who helps maintain those playing grounds.

There are many more, at our parks, sports clubs and wilder open spaces or beaches, who keep this coast the great attraction it remains – as witnessed by crowds of visitors.

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Our thanks go to them all – along with the professionals, even those rarely seen farmers who maintain and harvest our verdant, rolling countryside. She Who Knows and I met one recently, while trying out a woodland walk in Rural Fylde. It gave us an insight into their challenging lives. We got chatting and mentioned ‘Country File’ on BBC – a Sunday favourite of ours.

“Never watch it!” declared the no-nonsense rustic. “Most farmers hate it with a passion – it’s slanted and gives the wrong impression, as though we’re all doing so well, all eco-conscious and good neighbourly. That’s not the reality.” Countrymen had more time for the chaotic Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm programme, he added.

Well, you live and learn – especially outdoors, as these fellows know.

“Mother Nature always gets her way,” advised Alan, that weathered gardener, “meddle with her at your peril!”

Recent events have reminded us of that truth. We’re part of nature, not above it - and very grateful too!

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