The naked truth about lockdown with Andy Mitchell

So go on then... ask me what I got up to at the weekend?....  Oh go on then I’ll tell you. I was invited to see how a naturist colony in Hertfordshire was getting ready to reopen later this month!

Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 3:45 pm
Nudist beach

It’s at this point I can hear my mother from 11 miles away with her trademark “Oh ANDREW!”

If you were following the news last week, away from the latest gossip about the Prime Minister’s wallpaper, the Daily Star actually led on the revelation that during lockdown, more and more Brits had taken to getting their kit off and embracing the nudist life at home.

The need not to get dressed up and head out to the office whilst on furlough has meant many haven’t bothered at all, except for Zoom meetings on line. Some then only donned a shirt and tie and made sure they stayed sat down so as to avoid any embarrassments.

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British Naturism last week reported that they’d seen a massive increase in membership, as many logged on to take part in dozens of online activities ranging from lectures to virtual discos. It seems a whole online way of life has been a lifeline for many people who would have otherwise found themselves cut off from their friends.

I was recording an interview on Saturday with Mark Walsh, a local guy who has been heading up an enthusiastic team of volunteers who are working on a six-acre site they’ve acquired near St Albans, in readiness for the Staycation hoards they are expecting this summer.

Hertforshire, it seems, is the home of the naturist, with no less than three such holiday sites all in the same area. Maybe the weather’s warmer down there. I can’t imagine Blackpool’s weather would necessarily lend itself to a summer in the buff.

It’s all getting going from May 17 of course, that golden date which should hopefully also see all of our own hotels, guest houses and holiday accommodation once again throw open their doors to a public desperate for a much needed getaway.

Back to the naturist site then... did I keep my clothes on?... You’ll have to guess. Meanwhile if you have nothing on after May 17, then maybe you could have nothing on!

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