PCW’s Steven Fludder - Just turn up with your family

It’s the day before I put on the biggest free wrestling show I have ever known take place in the UK!

By The Newsroom
Friday, 27th June 2014, 11:28 am
Steven Fludder, PCW owner and promoter
Steven Fludder, PCW owner and promoter

It really is 100% free with no hidden fees, just turn up with your family.

We have former WWE stars Carlito and Chris Masters and the cream of British wrestling. This is for a great cause, with it raising awareness for our armed forces. The day itself has so much going on that it would appeal to all ages. With things from singers to brass bands to movie props. It will be a fun day and hopefully we make it a real highlight on the calendar every year by setting the standard.

The show itself has some money contributed towards it but the majority is coming from myself. The way I see it is I could spend a few thousand on a bill board or newspaper advertising campaign but what will show people exactly what PCW is more than a live event! I have even been out postering, and having not put one up since 2011 I quickly remembered why that is haha. I am not one for walking upto ten minutes between putting up a poster when I can hit so many people sitting on my laptop. The response has been good though and I am fully expecting a few thousand people to turn up.

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The set up is interesting. With a 7am set up time and the fact all the equipment is in Evoque then I might as well just go and party until 4am and carry the equipment out and set up there and then. So if your drunk and see a wrestling entrance way and ring at 5am as you stagger across the flag market then please don’t be alarmed. This one time its perfectly normal to see it there!

We also have the biggest announcement in our history to make at the show. While I wont say what it is here, I can say it will be big news in the wrestling world and all eyes will be on PCW. We really have pulled off something big and it’s a great thing for the UK to have it. I will talk more about it next week.

If you like the sound of free entertainment check out Armed Forces Day Preston or Preston City Wrestling on Facebook.