Not letting the baddies win writes Roy Edmonds

2022 has just got into first gear but is already proving a bit of a grind. I don’t only mean the  Omicron epidemic or escalating living costs. At Edmonds Towers a stream of setbacks have seemed more personal.

Thursday, 13th January 2022, 3:45 pm

A succession of mini disasters were rounded off when yobbos tried to jemmy open our car door overnight. They failed but made a shocking mess, which will add to hefty costs already suffered.

Apparently, these louts pick on older vehicles as easier to tamper with, rather like cowardly thugs attacking us vulnerable oldies. No wonder we get more cynical and right-wing as we age! But are we down-hearted? Well, yes, a little – yet we soldier on.

There are always others worse off; as well as encouragement, help and inspiration to be found. Perhaps that’s why I write novels featuring intrepid hack Sam Stone, along with fulsome police characters, battling for justice on our streets but also appreciating the good things on our holiday coast.

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I’m just finishing one for spring, entitled ‘Punchline’, which partly salutes those famously funny figures bringing us entertainment and more joy in life. The Fylde’s comedian residents over years often suffered hard times. Punchline’s story highlights that narrow, shifting path between so-called saints and sinners, with twists and turns. But, no, we won’t let the baddies win, nor occasional crises bring us down!

To that end, here at home we still have our festive decorations and hearty spirit firmly on show. She Who Knows got the idea from Her Majesty. “The Queen and Church keep their Christmas celebration alive until February,” she tells me.

By then, hopefully, the days will be longer and lighter (maybe lighter bills too) and we’ll be motoring gleefully toward sunnier horizons

Well, at least, we can try. After all, no one likes an unhappy ending.

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