No fuss, please, I’m a monitor writes Roy Edmonds

It’s not been all bad, avoiding close human contact over the past two years – except in our ‘bubble’. However, I have missed others’ handshakes, pats on the back, kisses on cheek, even hugs.

Thursday, 25th November 2021, 3:45 pm

So it was good to return at last to our afternoon tea dance at a seafront hotel. The live music was cheering and most familiar faces there.

How refreshing, too, that the senior-aged participants at the dance showed little interest in mobile phones, or the need for walking sticks – just eagerness to socialise. Even the dances eventually came back to jaded memories.

However, it’s noticeable how social distancing has kept us free from viruses – until now. Flu jab and Covid booster done, I’m in good health – but for a damn cold, as I reported in my role as Yellow Card Vaccine Monitor.

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Not heard of that? Well, that’s because you weren’t invited!

She Who Knows was envious when an official letter arrived, asking if I’d partake. It required me to note any illness, symptoms or discomforts as I went through all the jabs.

Now I get regular inquiries on our shared email. I told her it was probably a random selection, but She Who Knows felt left out and believed she should have been the chosen one. Now, to her annoyance, I play it up.

“There should be a special Yellow-card ID, like gold credit-card ones,” I told her, adding, “Still, perhaps they’ll give me a certificate, or even a medal, to mark my efforts for the community.”

It was shocking, however, that even the nurse doing my Covid booster jab hadn’t heard of the monitoring scheme. Hopes of my special status getting me to the front of queues this Christmas, for shortages like turkeys, are rapidly fading.

I’ll just have to carry on without fuss or public recognition, an unsung hero – as usual!

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