I’ve descended to cosy murders writes Roy Edmonds

With the nights now drawing in, I updated my ‘library’ of books to read. Well, I added a couple of trial samples to my reading list on Kindle.

Thursday, 11th November 2021, 12:30 pm

Feeling unusually erudite and intellectual, the first I looked at was no less than this year’s Booker Prize winner, The Promise, by South African author Damon Galgut.

Reviewers raved that it was a sweeping insight into his troubled nation, stretching over generations and reflecting the human condition in elegant prose and profound depth.

As so often, I got through a few pages then skimmed onward and, feeling slightly ashamed but stubborn, deleted it.

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When younger I would struggle through demanding novels, then discuss them earnestly with friends over drinks or at dinner parties. Now, I just want entertaining. In popular ‘telly’ literary terms, I’ve slumped from Melvyn Bragg’s armchair to Richard & Judy’s sofa.

In fact, I’ve enjoyed a couple of Melvyn’s historical rural thrillers, but actually preferred the unlikely light-thriller/romances of TV gardener Alan Tichmarsh.

I make no apologies, just explanations – it’s an ageing rather than maturing progression. I’ve descended from arty high-brow to scary or sexy best-sellers, then ‘police procedurals’ and murder mysteries, to a now comforting and uplifting genre called ‘cosy murders’.

I’m also tending towards such novels penned by women, rather than – as always in the past – fellow men. However, Peter Robinson’s books still appeal, as do Richard Osman’s.

Female writers, you see, have opened my eyes to what women actually think of us men. It’s fascinating and, in a patronising way, quite encouraging. They like us, but in our place.

Incidentally, She Who Knows prefers period romances and historical drama – preferably, again, by women authors. She says they’re more interesting, entertaining and not needlessly gory.

So what’s not to like? Also, shamelessly again, we like a happy ending!

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