It’s time to take the next step writes Andy Mitchell

Risk is all around us. Managing risk is one of those things as grown ups we are expected to do as we go about our daily lives. Nothing is risk free, no matter how much some of us believe we can live in a cotton wool world.

Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 12:30 pm
Covid precautions

For years we’ve been dealing with risk assessments at work before we do anything. What’s the risk? Will we get hurt? What’s the chances of getting hurt when compared to inadvertently falling into a vat of custard before teatime etc....

So why, when the Government says they expect us to manage the risk of getting back to normal, do many of us fear making that first step towards getting our lives back?

I spoke to a lady last week about prospects for the summer and beyond, and when she was looking forward to seeing her family again.

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She told me she was continuing to shield her mother, even though mum was fit and well, and even though the advice on shielding changed a few weeks ago. I asked her the main question of our time, if her mum had had her second jab. “Oh yes” she replied “ no problems there at all and she didn’t have any side effects”

I pointed out that mother was as protected as anyone can be, and she’d done everything she could to get back on the road to normal life. She was probably looking forward to going out and seeing her friends at bingo. Yet her daughter was reticent.

Confidence and courage are now what’s needed over the next few months as we all try and get our lives back. The Government has indicated after a year of lock downs, guidance, laws and instruction, that they now expect us to weigh up the risks for ourselves and start to lead our lives independently.

There is no doubt that many people have become “institutionalised”, through no fault of their own, believing they can’t make the next move unless it’s sanctioned by the Government.

I believe confidence and courage along with common sense, will follow from those who lead.

Yes, we need to follow official guidance at this crucial time, but a return to normality will come from interpretation, and a desire to once again, run our own lives.

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