Easing back into ‘normal’ life for Roy Edmonds

I expected with greater freedom on our Covid roadmap to recovery, we would soon return to a more sociable spring. Drinks with friends outside a local pub or at the sports club came to mind, while She Who Knows busily arranged hairdressing or health and beauty appointments – for herself.

Thursday, 22nd April 2021, 3:45 pm

She’s also booked me in for one – not the haircut, my local barber took care of that in several minutes (valuing his labour at over a pound a minute, not bad). No, she’s lined us up for blood tests – rightly concerned at my increased wine drinking during lockdown.

But it seems sensible to be cautious in our comeback to ‘normal life’ (as we considered it). A beer in our pleasantly flowering garden feels preferable to joining noisy crowds, ordering on ‘apps’ in pub car parks.

It’s peaceful for a start, though I can hear distant murmurs of pub conversation get louder as sunny afternoons wear on, until there’s inane chanting or ugly rows. That old saying, ‘empty vessels make most noise’, still sadly rings true!

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However, I’m not a curmudgeon - well, not all the time. As She Who wisely advised, “There’s bound to be exuberance in first weeks.” Fair enough but so often a few spoil life for the many and must we accept rowdies, drunkenness and foul language? Let the young play, yes, but there are also lessons to learn and others to consider.

Cutting back recently on that Covid wine has proved beneficial, while it pays handsomely in the bank balance to stay at home more. It’s just social contact with friends or family we miss. Still, thankfully, if we’re cautious that should come.

Anyway, it was our second jab this week and I’m keeping my head down until I hear the all-clear.

Even then, I dare say, many habits will have changed - possibly for the better.

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