Earning my spot in the sun writes Roy Edmonds - Thursday, June 10, 2021

F0r me, contentment is a comfortable seat in shaded sunshine with an enjoyable book. She Who Knows is similarly inclined. However the sun, of course, is wont to move and we must move with it, too.

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 3:45 pm

There’s one of those patio tables with two attached chairs near our house; it was a heavy, wooden flat-pack delivered by two men in a hurry. They left a better table-and-chairs set than we’d ordered, rushing off to watch a soccer match. (Don’t know who got our cheaper garden set.)

I had to put it all together and nowadays my less-than-perfect construction is further held together by string – although it is green ‘gardener’s’ string, so isn’t too noticeable.

But, earlier in the day, the sun shines on the top end, near our back gates. Plastic chairs didn’t really do the job for She Who, so we took delivery of a heavy, wooden rocker from the local garden centre, soon followed by a free-standing parasol and base.

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That, She Who Knows, has pointed out, just left the centre of our charming back garden uncovered, for when the sunshine hits there. So it was, the other day, that I took delivery of another garden rocking chair she’d ordered online.

I’d been hoping for similar delivery to the last one, so I’d only need to direct the men round to our back gates, then let them heave it into position by a second large parasol now awaiting its arrival.

However, it turned out to be another flat-pack, left with relief by a struggling young van-man who warned, “Pretty heavy that, mate!”

I dragged it round to the back and, as the sun beat down, laboured long with the dreaded Allen or hex key these things require.

However, She Who Knows did helpfully assist and supervise.

The result? Well, rock on Tommy!

It’s the new star of our summer season.

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