A Word In Your Ear with Roy Edmonds - Thursday, May 13, 2021

We’re getting our summer plants this week, just a question of when I’ll get round to planting them all in our back-garden. That’s been a treasured oasis of calm which has helped so much during Covid lockdown.

Thursday, 13th May 2021, 3:45 pm
Roy Edmonds book

Another escape from the restrictions on life during past months has been fiction – both reading and writing it. I even wore out my old Kindle but have now replaced it and found new authors to enjoy, nothing high-brow just pleasant escapism.

The most enjoyable was a woman author called S.J. Bennett and her novel The Windsor Knot. It was described as ‘Miss Marple meets The Crown’ in advertising blurb, also ‘highly original and delightfully clever’ by critics. I look forward to her follow-up.

My own writing I do in my quiet ‘study’ – really our back box-room, which also serves as overflow cloakroom and laundry. In semi-retirement at Edmonds Towers we ‘do our own things’ in the mornings. I tap away at my latest book, usually a light-thriller and romance involving local reporter Sam Stone. Meanwhile, She Who Knows reads her daily newspaper in our sunnier south-facing wing. I’m in the Towers’ chillier north-end, so have to wrap up in a woolly tracksuit.

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However, my imagination sets me free to roam other more exotic or picturesque worlds which, of course, is the attraction of fiction. Still, art reflects life and I’d maintain it’s not just ‘made-up stuff’.

Fiction draws upon what we privately think and deeply feel, rather than our everyday self or whatever image we politely present to others.

Anyway, why not judge for yourself? I’ve shared my latest reading recommendation and, should you want to check out my own latest effort, it’s entitled Beside The Still Waters and set in spring-time Coniston. A critic described it as ‘strongly drawn and engaging’ but, then, he is a pal and kindly provided its lovely cover picture.

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