Boycott leisure park until fine policy lifted!

On 28 November my wife and I visited the Odeon cinema in the Festival Leisure Park as we do a few times each month.

Monday, 10th December 2018, 12:22 pm
Updated Monday, 10th December 2018, 1:25 pm
Festival Leisure Park on Rigby Road now has new parking signs and camera installed

After watching a movie, we went for a meal in the pub/restaurant located in the car park. Our car was parked as usual in the main car park which is normally free.

Today, I received a parking charge notice for £100 from ‘Care Parking’ with the accompanying threats of what may happen if it was not paid.

We had overstayed the new three-hour parking limit by 31 minutes.

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We did not see any signage advising us of this new parking regulation.

Having just read your letters page, I now see that this is a new parking system, for which the ANPR cameras have been installed.

Many others have also been caught out in the same manner as myself. Neither of the staff at the Odeon cinema, or the pub/restaurant, made us aware that additional parking time was available free if we registered with them!

This money-making process is an absolute disgrace which should have been addressed by all business units located within the Festival Leisure Park and the local council. They should have insisted upon clear signage for the car park users and effectively communicated the new system prior to its implementation.

I hope the public votes with its feet and boycotts the leisure park until this system is removed.

J Hogan

Via email