Blood, vomit and ingrained beer stains... does anyone wash Blackpool's streets?

Pavement washingPavement washing
Pavement washing
It's good to see the ambitious plans to improve Blackpool's town centre.

I spend a fair amount of time on Facebook extolling the town’s virtues, past and present. However I wonder if anyone of influence has noticed the dirty state of the pavements and roads. I am not talking about litter; we see that being picked up regularly. But the ingrained beer, blood and vomit stains that cover the decorative tinted brick and stonework that was so carefully laid in Church Street, Abingdon Street, St John’s and Cedar Squares etc only a few years ago.Do the streets of Blackpool ever get washed? Because of the nature of our the town, we unfortunately draw in more than our fair share of the lower underclass of society who think nothing late at night of getting drunk, fighting, throwing up and even defecating in the streets. Surely there are machines available and capable if not nightly, at least once a week (or a month) of scrubbing clean the streets of our town centre.

Leslie MelvilleVia email