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You may have noticed a distinct absence of local politicians on the radio in recent times. Yes it’s that magic period that happens once every four years known as ‘purdah’, when, in the weeks leading up to an election, no local councillors are put up for interview.

This is because with the local election just three weeks away, no broadcaster can be seen to be favouring one political party or another. Of course it doesn’t stop the drama happening, it’s just that much of it doesn’t come to a wider audience for a short while.

Last week we heard of the fabulous notion that Southerners may have grasped where Blackpool is and what it faces in the 21st century. A Parliamentary report outlined how the Government is going to have to help seaside resorts with both investment and hope for the future.

The council’s Chief Exec took centre stage to do the interviews on this story, the politicians sidelined for a short while. For many, I’m guessing, the seaside is just a distant memory of donkey rides and ice cream from 1978. For those in Westminster who dared to venture this far in the first place, maybe they still believe you can get a Naventi’s ice cream on the beach for 5p.

The grim realities of life behind the Golden Mile have been well chronicled. Only last month, we had a Royal visit to see what the town faces now. Together with this new House of Lords report, you’d like to think that now, those in power in London have all the info they need to help us out in the future.

So anyway... back to the local elections. I trust those who’ve spent the last four years carping from their armchairs about everything going on, have put their names down to be candidates.

This election will, as always, throw up a mixture of seasoned stalwarts and fresh faces, as the council goes into its 144th year.

We should give them a chance. To volunteer for public service these days is nothing short of amazing, when faced with the nightly barrage of keyboard whinging and nastiness from those who love to just have a go.

Yet I wonder how many put themselves forward if they felt they could do better themselves?