A Word In Your Ear - February 14, 2019

Roy Edmonds
Roy Edmonds
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I’m married to a rat - which is fortunate, on this Valentine’s Day, with me being an ox.

I’m referring, of course, to Chinese astrology, which goes by year and month of birth. We supposedly make a natural pair, though sometimes our serenity is tested.

Rats, like all animals representing Chinese calender characters, are much admired – in their case for creativity, quick intelligence and activeness.

My own lumbering attributes are dependability, strength and endurance, with a dogged independence (or stubbornness).

While She Who Knows impressed teachers by being so bright, quick and agile, my embarrassing school reports spoke of “wallowing in the sloth”. Still, I got to where I wanted in the end.

This year belongs to an even more laid-back animal, the pig. We all rather appreciate porcine particulars. Pigs, apparently, are big-hearted, easily pleased and like to snuffle around then settle comfortably wherever they feel at home.

I think of one ‘pig’ in particular, an old pal I travelled widely with overseas. Having hated all proper jobs, Howard was a tennis coach. However, he was usually to be seen leaning lazily on a net post, encouraging his students – mostly attractive females who adored him.

We saw a good deal of the Far East together, accepting our respective calender characteristics, relishing banquets and a few beers. He was good, easy company but it was hard getting him out of his bed each day; while ‘sleep’ would stay encrusted in his eyes until mid-morning, like a child’s. He would also be nodding off most evenings by 10pm.

What’s your sign? Well, it couldn’t be easier to look up these days, on the internet. Descriptions of each animal, or personality, I’ve checked have been uncannily accurate.

This also brings a welcome reminder at the start of the year – none of us are perfect, nor all wrong. That’s consoling for us all!

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