New ride hope for South Pier

A Promenade attraction could be on the move '“ to make way for a new ride.

Saturday, 23rd April 2016, 8:00 am
Log flume at South Pier, Blackpool

Proposals have been revealed to relocate the log flume from the end of South Pier to a site immediately alongside the pier.

If the scheme gets planning permission, it is hoped to put a new ride on the pier in its place.

Peter Sedgwick, who owns all three Blackpool piers, said: “We want to put a fresh attraction on the end of the pier in order to bring something new to this part of the town.

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“But the log flume is a popular ride and it is the only one in Blackpool so we don’t want to do away with it.

“So we are seeking planning permission to relocate it on the Promenade, next to the pier, on the north side.

“At this stage we are just looking at what may be possible and we haven’t decided what kind of new ride we might bring in.

“There is the go kart track to the south of the pier, so we think this could work on the other side.”

A planning application which has been lodged with the council says “rides of all descriptions are characteristic of both pier locations and land in the immediate area around such structures.”

It adds: “The proposal is not considered to be harmful to the heritage asset or the area generally as it is just for a relocation of a typical seaside ride from the end of the pier to land immediately next to it.”

Meanwhile plans for a golf-themed attraction alongside Central Pier remain in the pipeline.

They were put on hold when Central and South Pier were put up for sale last year before being bought by the Sedgwick family which already owned North Pier.

Mr Sedgwick added: “We are all for doing as much as we can for the piers but it is going to take time.”

The application will now be considered by council planners at a future date.

The South Pier log flume is the only one in Blackpool after the one on the Pleasure Beach was removed in 2006. There are other water-based rides at the Pleasure Beach.