Mum complains after tram man's comment

Nicole Brodie, with son Daniel, says she was humiliated on a tram journey home.Nicole Brodie, with son Daniel, says she was humiliated on a tram journey home.
Nicole Brodie, with son Daniel, says she was humiliated on a tram journey home.
A Fleetwood mum has complained to Blackpool Transport after she says a comment made by a tram's ticket collector made her feel humiliated.

At the time, Nicole Brodie, 24, of Lower Lune Street, Fleetwood, was travelling home on a tram from Blackpool with her three year old son Daniel, who is behind with his language and learning skills after suffering from meningitis as a baby.

Ms Brodie admits Daniel was noisy during the journey.

But she claims the tram employee went too far when he apparently advised her to get her son “checked out for ADHD”, within hearing of other passengers.

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Blackpool Transport says it is aware of the complaint and it is being investigated.

Ms Brodie, who lives with her partner and has two sons, said: “I was on the way home with Daniel and when he is noisy or excitable he usually responds more to his father.

“On the tram journey Daniel was quite noisy, but he had meningitis when he was just a couple of weeks old and he died several times and had to be brought back with CPR.

“Since then he has had a condition called global development delay and he is does not behave like typical three year old.

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“During the journey he was screaming and getting excited and I was trying to keep him calm and quieten him down.

“But when we got to the Rossall School stop the ticket collector turned to me and said that I should get him checked out for ADHD.

“Everyone sitting near me suddenly looked at me and then looked at Daniel and it was embarrassing and humiliating.

“It is not up to people in that position to say things like that. I know Daniel was noisy but I was doing my best to keep him quiet. When I got home I was so upset I burst into tears.”

Ms Brodie says the tram firm should apologise.

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A Blackpool Transport spokesman said: “We are aware of an alleged incident from a customer and a thorough investigation is currently taking place. We investigate all feedback to the fullest extent and would like to assure Ms Brodie that our team will be in contact at the earliest opportunity.”