'Mindless' yobs trash Blackpool flat development causing £25,000 damage

A Blackpool property developer says it will cost around £25,000 to fix damage caused by mindless yobs at a former resort hotel.

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 4:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 5:58 pm
Ovens have also been smashed during the attack.

The former Northlands Hotel on Hornby Road is currently undergoing a £250,000 re-development by Stuart King and will become six flats, but the 28-year-old says the project will now be delayed due to the damage caused throughout the building.

A number of sinks, toilets and ovens have been destroyed along with walls being hit with a hammer throughout the building.

The damage caused to the bathrooms on the top floor has resulted in water leaking throughout the property.Paint has also been thrown on walls and windows.

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Ovens have also been smashed during the attack.

Stuart says he has no idea why anyone would want to destroy the building and called it ‘mindless, malicious damage’.

He added: “It’s very disheartening that you try to tidy up and renovate properties like this, which has been described as the worst hotel in Blackpool, and people seem intent on wanting to destroy it.

“It’s very depressing that there are people who would want to do this.”

As well as the vandalism, a number of power tools were take during the incident including a chainsaw, two pipe drills and a kango hammer. The goods stole are worth around £1,000.

Sinks and toilets have been destroyed.

The stolen chainsaw was used on a door and walls during the attack and pipework was also ripped off the walls.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We were called to the former Northlands Hotel premises shortly after 8am on March 14 after a report of burglary and vandalism.

“It appears vandals have struck between the hours of 5pm on March 13 and 7.30am on March 14 causing around £25,000 worth of damage.

“They have gained access at the rear of the property and have used a number of power tools and hammers to damage the property which is in the process of being renovated.

Paint was thrown over walls and windows.

“Paint has also been thrown on a number of walls and windows.

“Our enquiries are still ongoing and we would advise anyone with any information to call us on 101 and quote the log number of 215 of March 14.”

The former Northlands Hotel is undergoing a 250,000 redevelopment by Stuart King.
The broken sinks and toilets has caused water to leak throughout the building.