Metrosexual men under 25 more likely to visit tanning salon than women the same age

Metrosexual British men have fallen for fake tan in a big way with those under 25 more likely to visit a salon than women of the same age.

One in seven British men used fake tan in the last 12 months - rising to more than one in four among under 25s, according to a new report.

And reality TV stars such as Mark Wright, Rylan Clark and even recent Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ed Balls have been credited with fuelling the fake tan trend.

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Usage of self-tan among Britain’s men rose from less than one in 10 (nine per cent) in 2015 to 14 per cent last year, claims the report by consumer analysts Mintel.

And it is young men who are the biggest fans of self-tan with 27 per cent aged 16 to 24 using self-tan last year, up from just 16 per cent in 2015.

Tanning salons are also proving popular among younger men with a bronze loving 25 per cent aged 18 to 24 having visited one last year, compared with just 21 per cent of women in the same age group.

But it is not just self-tan which is proving popular as usage of pre-tan accelerator almost doubled in just 12 months among men from seven per cent of in 2015 to 13 per cent last year.

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Gradual tanner usage by men also jumped from seven per cent to 12 per cent, while usage of oral tanning supplements rose from just six per cent of men to 11 per cent in the same time period.

Ten per cent of men visited a salon for a spray tan last year compared to seven per cent in 2015, according to the report.

Roshida Khanom, Mintel’s senior beauty and personal care analyst, said: “The increase in usage of self-tan is growing rapidly amongst the nation’s men, driven by the popularity of self-tan among high profile celebrities including Mark Wright, Rylan Clark and even Ed Balls.

“Today’s men are reflecting on their image and responsibilities and how to express their masculinity.

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“With younger men focusing on their appearance more, the self-tanning sector could see a boost.”

Overall, one in six adults (16 per cent) use self-tan, while 15 per cent use gradual tanner. One in eight (12 per cent) use tanning oil or lotion without SPF, while 12 per cent use pre-tan accelerator and 11 per cent use a sunbed or tanning salon. Nine per cent use salon spray tan and oral tanning supplements.