March will celebrate the day Blackpool fans came home at last

Thousands of jubilant Blackpool fans will march as one today to mark the end of a nightmare which has plagued the famous football club.

Saturday, 9th March 2019, 6:39 am
Updated Saturday, 9th March 2019, 7:48 am
Blackpool fans celebrate getting their club back at last
Blackpool fans celebrate getting their club back at last

It will be a day long remembered in local history, one which grandparents will tell their grandchildren about in years to come.

And it will be a day when the entire football nation will look on in awe.

A sell-out crowd will watch Pool take on Southend this afternoon, but in many ways the game is a mere sideshow to other events taking place.

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The Blackpool Supporters Trust (BST) have labelled the match day Homecoming Saturday and celebration parade, from central promenade to Bloomfield Road and led by former players, is planned ahead of the game – and former fans’ favourite Eamonn O’Keefe had pledged to be there to welcome in what he terms an exciting new era for the club.

“I’m delighted for the fans that they have got what they have been waiting for for so long,” said Eamonn, who made his mark up front for the Seasiders in the 1980s.

“They are premier league supporters and have been so patient.

“They have done things by the book and I am so pleased they have finally got what they have been looking for.”

The march takes place from Blackpool Tower along the promenade to Bloomfield Road, with fans meeting at the Comedy Carpet from 1pm, set off to walk to the ground at 1.30pm, arriving at Bloomfield Road at 2pm.

A fans' spokesman said: “Everyone is welcome. Blackpool’s former players will lead the parade. Bring your banners, scarves, flags and let’s make it an occasion to remember.

“Whether you were boycotting for years or not, it is time to put any past differences behind us.

“The future is what counts and it starts here with an opportunity for us all to go back together in celebration of being Oyston-free, the day when we can start enjoying our football club again.

Finally, Blackpool are back.