Majority pay up as litter campaign still a priority

Keep Blackpool Tidy ambassadors get the message across about keeping the town litter-free
Keep Blackpool Tidy ambassadors get the message across about keeping the town litter-free
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Around two thirds of people fined for dropping litter in Blackpool have paid their fines, council chiefs say.

Of the 704 penalties handed out by enforcers 3GS since their work began last August, 66 per cent have been paid so far, while others are still being processed or are escalating to prosecution stage.

Cleansing chiefs were in the town centre last weekend urging people to either put their litter in bins or take it home with them.

The town is bidding to be the cleanest seaside resort in the UK by 2020.

Since the start of the Keep Blackpool Tidy campaign last year, extra bins have been installed throughout the town centre, while litter enforcement officers have handed out fines to people caught dropping litter on the ground.

Coun Gillian Campbell, deputy leader of the council, said: “The first year of the campaign has already made changes which should contribute to a cleaner Blackpool.

“The enforcement officers have handed out over 700 fines to people who have been caught dropping litter, predominantly used cigarette butts, on the ground and that £80 fine that they have received should act as a deterrent to stop them doing it again.

“More bins around the town centre should also make it easier for people to throw their rubbish away responsibly but a lot of the onus should also be on members of the public to actively use the bins and not drop litter on the ground.

“If a bin is full then you are never too far from another one that can be used.

“At the same time, I know a lot of people feel proud of Blackpool and want to make sure it stays clean and tidy. They can be a big help too, by signing up as a Keep Blackpool Tidy ambassador and carrying out their own community litter picks in their neighbourhood.”

Richard McIlwain, deputy chief executive at Keep Britain Tidy, added: “We have a host of great ideas we’re hoping to introduce into Blackpool over the next few months that we believe will really make a difference to the litter problem in the town.”

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