Machete thugs jailed for attack on dad and disabled son

Detectives have hailed tough jail sentences imposed on two armed thugs who attacked a dad and his disabled son in a terrifying machete attack.

By Paul Berentzen
Thursday, 29th January 2015, 12:16 pm
Samuel Madine, 25, of Stamford Avenue, South Shore, and Mark Kirkwood, 18, of Durham Road, Blackpool, were locked up for attacking a man and his disabled son in their home.
Samuel Madine, 25, of Stamford Avenue, South Shore, and Mark Kirkwood, 18, of Durham Road, Blackpool, were locked up for attacking a man and his disabled son in their home.

The pair were assaulted with an 18-inch blade when the bungling drugs gang targeted the wrong address.

Both suffered gashes from the blade and the boy had a tooth knocked out when he was struck in the face with the machete handle.

Police hailed the “fantastic result” after the two Blackpool men were jailed for a total of almost 15 years for the terrifying assault on the father and son.

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The dad and his 14-year-old son, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were watching television at their home on Park Road, St Annes, last May, when three men burst in, demanding: “Where is the stuff?”

As a result of the attack, the father and his boy have been forced to move home and are on medication to help them sleep.

Det Sgt Stuart Reid, of Blackpool CID, said: “This is a fantastic result for the victims, a father and son who were enjoying an evening in and were targeted by violent offenders who, it would appear, got the wrong address.

“This was a violent offence - they were terrorised in their own home and attacked with a machete.”

Burnley Crown Court yesterday heard two of the raiders, Samuel Madine, 25, and Mark Kirkwood, 18, had almost 100 convictions between them as they were locked up by a judge.

Madine, of Stamford Avenue, South Shore, had earlier admitted robbery and was locked up for 76 months.

His co- defendant, of Durham Road, Blackpool, had denied two counts of robbery, but was convicted after a recent trial at Preston Crown Court. He was sent to sentenced to eight years.

The third man was never formally identified.

In a victim statement, the father said the ordeal had a “massive impact” on their lives.

The court heard yesterday the pair had been at home when they heard breaking glass but when the father went to investigate he found nothing.

It was not until half an hour later, when they heard voices in the flat, he found three men standing in the hallway.

One of the men rushed at the father yelling “where is the stuff?” before pushing him onto the sofa and pulling out the machete, which caught the victim on the arm.

The court heard the second man was armed with a baseball bat, while the third had a six-inch carving knife.

The thugs stole the dad’s wallet, a watch and a bluetooth speaker as well as both victims’ mobile phones before fleeing the scene.

Speaking in court, prosecutor Richard Bennett said: “A blood smear was found on the wall near to the entrance of the flat which transpired to come from Madine. Kirkwood’s fingerprints were on the inside of the entrance door of the flat. Madine was arrested on May 15. He was interviewed and declined to comment, except to admit the blood stain would have come from him. Kirkwood was arrested on November 19. He also declined to comment to the police when he was interviewed.”

The court heard the father is taking tablets to help him sleep, while his son’s medication has had to be increased as a result of the attack.

Following the court hearing, Det Sgt Reid, who oversaw the investigation being led by Det Con Alan Quanborough, said: “We think the attack may be connected to a previous tenant but these two were completely innocent.

“It has had a huge impact on their lives. This will be a massive relief for them and a great weight off their shoulders in terms of piecing their lives back together and moving forward.

“From our point of view, it is fantastic to get these two violent offenders off the streets.”

The court heard Madine had 51 offences on his record and Kirkwood had committed 31 previous offences, including robbery.

Brendan Lally, for Madine, said his client had turned to drink and drugs “to gross excess” after the loss of several people close to him.

He added: “He is easily led and somebody who has deficits in terms of his ability to make decisions.

“He does appear to genuinely want to address his offending behaviour.”

Defending Kirkwood, Tom Lord told the hearing the defendant had turned to drugs after being expelled from school.

He added: “He was a courier for a lot of older people and he delivered drugs. He accrued a drugs debt.

“He is an immature young man who was led astray by older, influential males, to whom he looked up”