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Restaurant bosses have announced a '˜zero tolerance' for yobs after a couple were attacked by a group of teenagers.

Saturday, 15th April 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:46 pm
Barry and Debbie Mains-Battle
Barry and Debbie Mains-Battle

Now management at McDonald’s are to work with police to keep unruly yobs out of their outlet on Amy Johnson Way, South Shore.

The move comes after Debbie and Barry Mains-Battle complained to restaurant staff after drinks were thrown over them at the restaurant they used to visit every day.

Barry, 71, and Debbie, 41, complained to staff and eventually the police were called but by this time the culprit and his friends had left the restaurant.

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Housewife Debbie, of Tewksbury Avenue, South Shore, said: “We always go to McDonald’s for a coffee or something to eat on our way home but now the place has become a no-go zone for us.

“It’s supposed to be a place for families but they seem to have let gangs of teenagers take over .

“They sit there and shout and swear across the restaurant at each other. Sometimes they fight or throw things.

“The one who threw the drink over Barry refused to leave the restaurant and the manager wouldn’t throw him out so we called the police.

“They boy, who was about 17-19-years-old had his hood up so couldn’t be identified properly.

“All we are asking is that something is done to make sure the restaurant is safe for families and that the staff working there do not have to put up with threats or physical harm.

“We are angry with the boy but also furious that the restaurant management didn’t seem to want to deal with it.”

And their anger intensifiedwhen the police officer investigating the case wrote to them: “I have spoke to the manager about your incident and the ongoing issues and problems the local youths are causing in there.

“He didn’t seem that bothered about the local youths and is more than happy to have them in there even if they do throw the occasional drink.”

Following the incident, it has emerged staff at the restaurant have been pelted with vegetables by teenagers as they serve drive-thru customers.

The youngsters buy potatoes from the nearby Morrisons and throw them at staff as they take food out to waiting customers, McDonalds have confirmed.

One worker told the couple they were ordered to continue serving outside despite being pelted.

Now, following an intervention by The Gazette, McDonald’s have pledged to crackdown on the yobs and will work with police to find a solution.

A spokesman said: “There have been incidences of anti-social behaviour in our Amy Johnson Way restaurant in which a small number of individuals have demonstrated unacceptable behaviour.

“Our priority is to ensure that our restaurants are safe and welcoming environments for both our customers and our employees.

“We therefore take a zero tolerance approach when it comes to disruptive behaviour and are working closely with the police to address the issue.”

The couple were given a £25 voucher from McDonalds as an apology for their experience.