Letters - September 12, 2019

Re: Brexit. Well, it doesn’t take a genius to recognise that, whatever the final outcome, there will be many millions who will feel aggrieved, and something needs to be done to cope with this potentially volatile situation.

Thursday, 12th September 2019, 5:55 pm

My personal reading is that the vote to leave was at least partially driven by a general feeling of disillusionment with austerity, politics and politicians in general.

Unless there is a fundamental change in the balance of power between Westminster and the people, whatever the outcome, this disillusionment will remain.

A second referendum which doesn’t address this issue will ultimately merely accentuate the current schism.

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We badly need some real statesmanship to lead us out of this mess rather than the self-interested behaviour currently being exhibited.

The simplistic view reflected by the extremists of either side that if we stay, or if we go, all will be resolved, is patently false. We need something better, and our politicians to earn their money.


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Blatantly ignoring 9/11 questions

Now that the dust has settled on the 18th anniversary of 9/11 the question needs to be asked, does the official version of events of that horrific day stand up?

At the risk of offending some readers, the answer is a clear and resounding ‘no’.

For me the smoking gun is World Trade Centre building 7, and in my experience most people have never heard of it let alone that it also collapsed on that fateful day.

Despite not being hit by a plane it collapsed into its own footprint at the speed of gravity several hours after the Twin Towers fell. The official story: slow-burning office fires compromised the internal steel structure.

Just recently, YouTube made it increasingly difficult to find this particular video footage of the Building 7 collapse but for those interested it can be found here:


More than 3,000 building specialists who are members of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth argue the case that it was in fact a controlled demolition and this has been backed up by a lengthy investigation at the University of Alaska Fairbanks funded by the group.

Building 7 is just one aspect of the defining moment of this century that does not stack up.

But very little of the vast amounts of information that cast doubt over and directly conflict with the official story gets to see the light of day on our mainstream media.

Indeed, when the mainstream is not blatantly ignoring the 9/11 questions that need to be asked, they are doing their damndest to discredit those who are daring to question the official story.

Julie Moss

via email


Planet’s lungs - will we never learn?

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the lungs of the planet, absorbs a huge amount of CO2 and is a vital part of the Earth’s ecology. Huge areas are now engulfed in flames.

Agriculture is a profitable business in the short-term but disastrous long-term, with losses to the economy, ecology and environment.

Will mankind never learn?

P Taylor

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Fundraiser night for town’s gala

It costs approximately £4,000 to put Poulton Gala on each year and as we receive no funding, all our annual efforts are to raise money and to this end we are holding a music event at the Vicarage Park Community Centre on Vicarage Road in Poulton.

It is entitled ‘Poulton’s Got More Soul’ after the event we put on in March. The evening is tomorrow (Friday September 13) and the doors open at 7.30pm with the event starting at 8pm.

The main act of the night is local 10-piece soul band Touch the Pearl, supported by local soulman Mark Favell, female duo Reflectionz and international soul singer Paul Dunn. Tickets are £15 from Connect IT and Occasions Cards in Poulton and any unsold will be on the door on the night.

We would also welcome anyone on to our committee to help with the events and gala. Good ideas are welcome.

Steve Nicholls

Chair of Poulton Gala