Labour MP pays Blackpool a visit for campaign day

Angela RaynerAngela Rayner
Angela Rayner
Labour's shadow minister for education, Angela Rayner, will be coming to Blackpool this weekendas part of  a trade union campaign.

The MP for Ashton-Under-Lyne and trade unionist (inset) will be attending the North West part of The Trade Union & Labour Party Liason Organisation (TULO) campaign day.

Chris Webb, the prospective parliamentary candidate for Blackpool North says the Mrs Raynor will be addressing staff and volunteers prior to campaigning and taking to the streets.

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He said: “There will be trade unionists all across the North West attending the event.

“Angela will be addressing the campaign office in the morning before joining us as we go canvassing across Blackpool North.

“As well addressing thTULO campaign we will be handing out leaflets about the police cuts happening in the area.

“This is ahead of a meeting taking place with the shadow police minister on July 5.

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TULO is the umbrella organisation that coordinates the activities of the 12 trade unions who affiliate to the Labour Party.

The event starts at 10am this Saturday at the Blackpool Labour office on Talbot Road.