Kids get bored after just ten days of the summer holidays

Children can soon get bored whilst on their six-week break from schoolChildren can soon get bored whilst on their six-week break from school
Children can soon get bored whilst on their six-week break from school
Parents beware - the average child will utter their first 'I'm bored '¦' just TEN DAYS into the summer holidays.

A detailed study found while the majority of the nation's school children are longing for the six-week break to begin, they will soon 'run out of things to do'.

But even more worrying is the fact that once the kids hit the boredom breaking point, parents can expect to hear the dreaded moan up to FOUR times every day.

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It also emerged more than half of parents reckon their children will start to look forward to going back to start a new school year around halfway through their time off.

Furthermore the study also revealed the most popular replies for long-suffering mums and dads, with: "But you've got loads of toys' coming top.

"If you're so bored you can always help with the chores", "Go and amuse yourself", and "When I was your age I had a lot less, and I managed", are also favourites.

Overall seven in ten parents said they find it difficult to keep their kids entertained through the school summer break.

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The research was carried out by Nick Jr. to highlight the channel's summer 'Make It and Bake It' campaign, which encourages kids to bake cakes and treats, the best of which will be shown on the channel's most popular shows.

Virginia Monaghan of Nickelodeon, said: "The school summer holidays can seem endless and full of possibilities when you are younger.

"In reality, staying entertained for such a stretch of time can be a challenge and parents will need to get their thinking caps on for activities if they are to keep their kids busy through the seven-week break."

The national survey, by, also uncovered the top 50 ways to keep your kids entertained in the summer months.

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Family days out came out as the number one distraction for restless youngsters, followed by watching TV as a family, and a visit to the cinema together.

Forty eight per cent of parents occupy their kids with a bit of messy home baking, while one in two play video games as a family.

Just over a third sit down to play board games together.

To break up the summer, 71 per cent of parents make sure they go away on holiday with their kids for an average of ten days across the break.

When their child tells them they are stuck for things to do, 37 per cent of parents suggest that they do their chores to occupy their time, and a quarter will tell them to tidy their room.

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As kids near a loose end, two thirds are likely to moan to mum and dad about their situation, and 17 per cent have thrown tantrums in frustration.


'But you've got loads of toys'

'If you're so bored you can always help with the chores!'

'Go and amuse yourself'

'When I was your age I had a lot less and I managed'

'Tidy your room'

'You don't know how lucky you are'

'Can't you go and see your friends?'

'We'll go and see your grandparents, then?'


1. Take them on family days out

2. Watching TV/movies

3. Cinema

4. The beach

5. Swimming

6. The park/Play park

7. Computer games

8. Cooking/baking together

9. Outdoor walks

10. Playing with them in the garden

11. Play time with their toys

12. A play date with their friends

13. Board games

14. Read a book

15. Bike ride

16. Arts and craft at home

17. Take them to a theme park

18. Museums/Galleries

19. Go sightseeing

20. Take photos

21. The library

22. Gardening

23. Visit a fair

24. Jigsaw puzzle

25. Bowling

26. Camping

27. Fruit picking

28. Build a den

29. Go to the arcade

30. Sports clubs

31. Play dress-up

32. Fly a kite

33. Play group

34. The theatre

35. Bug hunting

36. DIY

37. Draw pavement art

38. Youth club

39. Roller-skating

40. Bird watching

41. Writing stories/poetry

42. Organise a treasure hunt

43. Take them to a music festival

44. Stargazing

45. Plant a tree

46. Play parlour games

47. Sailing/Kayaking

48. Flower pressing

49. Teach them a magic trick

50. Watch a Punch and Judy show