Here are 18 songs you might not know that mention Blackpool

Not surprisingly the entertainment capital of the north has had its fair share of mentions in songs, both negative and positive.

Thursday, 10th January 2019, 10:43 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 1:35 pm
Here are 18 songs you might not know that mention Blackpool

Here is our list of the 18 most memorable songs about our resort.

Lyrics: "And on the malin head. Blackpool looks blue and red. And the queen, she's gone round the bend. Jumped off Land's End. And the radio says"
According to Wikipedia and others the line "Standin' at the door of the Pink Flamingo cryin' in the rain" is reference to Blackpool's Flamingo, whereas other people believe it might be the Flamingo club from the 60's in London.

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Lyrics: "Praying for the wave to come now, It must be for the very last time. It's twelve o'clock till midnight, There must be someone to blame"
Lyrics: "So help me out, so help me out, Blackpool help me out, Scarborough pull me through, So help me out"
Lyrics: "I like my football on a Saturday, Roast beef on Sundays, all right, I go to Blackpool for my holidays, Sit in the open sunlight"
Lyrics: "Hey, when the sun goes down, I'm in a seaside town. Hey, when the sun goes down, I'm in a seaside town"
Lyrics: "With my little stick of Blackpool Rock, Along the promenade I stroll. In the ballroom I went dancing each night, No wonder every girl that danced with me, stuck to me tight."
Lyrics: "Plastic California, Looks like Blackpool, Outta date, Some love some hate"
Lyrics: "I'm going up the 'Pool. From down the smoke below. To taste me mum's jam sarnies. And see our Aunty Flo."
Lyrics: "We're going down Blackpool, alright. We're going down Blackpool, fer a pint. We're going down Blackpool, alight. To see the lights..."
Lyrics: "Ive just been on my holidays, to Blackpool by the sea, Although Im feeling mighty fit my feet are troubling me. Ive queued for hours and hours but I must say it was grand, To get as near as half a mile to several miles of sand."
Lyrics: "Smash smash they smashed the window, Fast food and Blackpool bingo, Smash smash they smashed the window, Fast food and Blackpool bingo"
Lyrics: "Sitting on the top of Blackpool Tower, When the evening shadows fall, There you'll find me hour after hour, While seagulls up above, drop messages of love"
Lyrics: "Blackpool, 10 o'clock, If everybody's ready, let's punk rock, Look at him with the safety pin, yeah turn it up and let's begin... Let 'em" in"
Lyrics: "In an upstairs room in Blackpool, By the side of a northern sea, The army had my father, And my mother was having me. Military madness was killing my country, Solitary sadness comes over me"
Lyrics: "Reach out there's people in the stalls, A Blackpool season isn't very small. Reading commercials on TV, Is just as good as a bad Page 3 review"
Lyrics: "Idiot Joy Showland, California has Disneyland, And Blackpool has a Funland, And Flanders had no man's land. This place idiot show bands"
Lyrics: "They all save for Blackpool, Just for the cheap companionship. Meanwhile he counts pennies, For a different trip"