Help us catch whoever dumped rubble in Blackpool back alley

Tons of debris have been illegally dumped in a back alley in Blackpool prompting calls for residents to help track down the culprits.

Wednesday, 28th August 2019, 3:51 pm
Debris dumped against a gate in the back alley

Bispham ward councillors Don Clapham and Paul Wilshaw were dismayed to discover the rubble had been flung out of a truck in a back alley between Red Bank Road and Cavendish Road.

Coun Wilshaw said in some places the fly-tipped waste had been piled up against residents' back gates.

He said: "The alley is quite long and it looks as if someone has done some clearance work and then dumped the debris along with other rubbish.

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Debris dumped against a gate in the back alley

"Residents are very upset about it as in some parts it is piled up against their back gates which they've struggled to open.

"It is also quite hazardous, and I've seen wires in the rubble. One lady says she cannot now let her grandchildren play out in the alley.

"Someone has probably charged to do a job and then instead of hiring a skip, they've just dumped all the rubbish."

The rubble is believed to have been dumped on Wednesday August 21 but was not initially reported to the ward councillors who have now informed the council.

Fly-tipped waste in the back alley

Coun Clapham said: "Last Wednesday a grab type wagon dumped all this in a what is a gated alley which we had recently cleared of weeds and rubbish.

"Surely a neighbour must have seen the fly tippers as there are just tons of soil and rubble.

"How bare-faced can these people be. Someone has paid to have this removed and the fly-tippers leave the council tax payers to foot the bill.

"Any information to identify the fly-tippers would help us put them before the courts as they are criminals."

Coun Clapham added: "We install alley gates to protect against this sort of anti social behaviour. Sadly not all our residents lock them and this can be the result."