Help keep a roof over poorly Emilee’s head

Emilee Jayne Cooper is struggling to surviveEmilee Jayne Cooper is struggling to survive
Emilee Jayne Cooper is struggling to survive
A worried mum is making a heartfelt plea for help to pay her rent after she was given two week’s notice to leave her house - whilst her baby daughter lies in an incubator fighting for her life.

Danielle Cooper said she was shocked to receive a text message yesterday from her landlord, Edward Davies, saying if the money is not paid by today, her partner and eight-year-old son will be forced to leave their home.

The couple are three months in arrears after being unable to work due to being by Emilee Jayne Cooper’s bedside at St Mary’s Hospital, in Manchester.

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A fund-raising page has been set up, which has reached £221, but the couple can only access the money once the page has expired - in mid-January.

Danielle, 27, said she desperately needs some more time, or for someone to step in and help.

She said: “All this is breaking me. The Just Giving page runs out this time next month, which is too late.

“We owe 1,126 in rent arrears. We originally set up this site, asking for £500 to cover one month’s rent but now things have escalated.

“It would mean a lot knowing someone cares.”

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The Evening Post contacted Mr Davies, who said that whilst he understood the family’s plight, he had done all he could to help them.

The 60-year-old, from St Helens, said: “The only reason I had not given notice before was because of all that had gone on, but it is never going to get better. I also have bills to pay and I have gone on for as long as I could.

“Just knowing that there is a Just Giving account is not good enough - how will I know I will get that money? If they know the money is coming, why can’t they borrow from someone?”

Danielle, from Platt Bridge in Wigan, said she is hopeful Emilee will be nursed to good health, but cannot leave her to go to work.

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She said: “At 25 weeks, I had reduced movement. A private scan revealed my baby was only measuring 22 weeks, as the blood flow down the placenta was going the wrong way and she was not getting the nutrients she needed.

“On August 1 I had an emergency c-section because she was deteriorating and I would have lost her if I did not give birth at 27 weeks, She was tiny, weighing only 588g.

“I cannot leave Emilee and as she has taken a turn for the worse, Lee is also here. We are both self employed, and so not entitled to benefits. Because Emilee has been in hospital for more than 90 days, I am not entitled to any child benefit for her, as she is classed as being cared for by nurses.

“We were okay at first as we had savings, but now we are struggling, with no income coming in.”

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Her son, Dylan will also miss Christmas, as he will spend it with his parents at hospital, by his sister’s bedside. Danielle said: “I just hope people take the time to read our story and support us.

“I have helped to raise around £15,000 for another sick child locally, so I know how generous people can be. I just saw a child in need and could not sit back and do nothing.”

If anyone wishes to donate visit or to be put in touch with the landlord, e-mail [email protected]