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Sue and Steve Welsh since losing weight through Weight Watchers
Sue and Steve Welsh since losing weight through Weight Watchers
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Couple shed pounds before special holiday

Sue and Steve Welsh, of Ansdell, have shed 5st between them to feel happier and healthier and head off on a dream holiday to Australia.

They enrolled in Weight Watchers in January 2018, Sue signing up to support her husband.

Sue said: “I need to lose about a stone and we were planning a trip to Australia to see my sister-in-law and as this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip we wanted to be able to fully enjoy it.

“Steve had gradually put on weight over the last few years, but after being diagnosed with prostate cancer in October 2017, he put more weight on – getting to the point he couldn’t walk a few yards without getting breathless. The extra weight also caused his ankles to swell, and he generally felt uncomfortable and unfit. When we enrolled at Weight Watchers, I weight in at 10st 4lb and Steve was 18st 4lbs.”

The pair attended Gail Tyson’s meeting at the Drive Methodist Church, St Annes, helping Steve to shift his mindset and introduce activity to moderate his weight loss – even buying himself a power-assisted bike and enjoying seafront rides of up to 20 miles a day.

Now the couple enjoy more exercise, including walking and cycling – and Steve progressing to walking a couple of miles without getting breathless. Sue hit her target of losing a stone and Steve has lost close to 4st.

Sue said: “We have both dropped a couple of clothes sizes, so had to buy new things which is great as far as I’m concerned. We have found it easy to follow the Flex plan, we usually make a list of a week’s menus and stick to it. We still have the odd glass of wine or pint of lager, but have always managed to keep within our points. Doing it together has worked so well for us and I have even lost a few more pound since getting to goal.

“Steve has done so well. I am so proud of us both, but especially Steve. We were so excited to go to Australia.”

Weight Watchers coach Gail added she was very proud: “Sue and Steve embraced the Flex plan from day one and made gradual changes to their lifestyle. They are a massive inspiration.”