Good causes can share in Tony’s £220K town gift

Pensioner loved Fleetwood so much he left it cash in his will
Fleetwood solicitor Alan VincentFleetwood solicitor Alan Vincent
Fleetwood solicitor Alan Vincent

Charities in Fleetwood have a chance to apply for their share of £220,000 after a port resident left specific instructions in his will.

Tony Smith, who died from cancer in January 2014, grew up in Manchester but moved to Fleetwood over 30 years ago.

He was in his early 80s when he died in Trinity Hospice.

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Mr Smith, who lived on Fairway, had stated he was made to feel so welcome in Fleetwood that he wanted to leave something for the benefit of the town after he died.

And he has been as good as his word, with the bulk of his estate being allocated to the charities.

This week Fleetwood solicitor Alan Vincent, who has been handling Mr Smith’s affairs, said Mr Smith had left a legacy which he hoped would benefit the town he loved.

Mr Vincent said: “He was a client of mine and he asked 
me to be the trustee in this matter.

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“The instructions are that only Fleetwood-based charities who work within the town are able to apply. Another clear stipulation is that they must be registered charities, not associations or any other kind of group.

“He wanted the money to spread around so it would be preferable if several charities were able to benefit and the money distributed evenly. The main idea is that the money be used in a way that will allow these charities to continue their good work in Fleetwood. In others words, they need to be sustainable projects which can keep going and will help the charities help themselves.”

A shared minibus could be one idea, he suggested.

Mr Vincent said he knew relatively little about Mr Smith and did not know where he had worked or many personal details.

Mr Smith had been married but his wife died before him and the couple had no children.

Charities have until Wednesday December 16 to apply the cash.

They can do so by writing to Alan Vincent, care of Vincents Solicitors, Castle View, Bridge Street, Garstang PR3 1YB.