Go West set to go live at festival

Go West play Livewire on Saturday nightGo West play Livewire on Saturday night
Go West play Livewire on Saturday night
A few months ago, you'd have been called the '˜King Of Wishful Thinking' to imagine Will Smith playing on Blackpool Promenade.

But it’s happening this weekend, so wishes can come true.

And the 80s hitmakers Go West, responsible for tracks such as King Of Wishful Thinking and We Close Our Eyes, are also on the bill, joining Pete Waterman’s The Hit Factory line-up on Saturday with Jason Donovan, Sam Fox, Sinitta and more.

“We’re flattered to be in effect a special guest among the Stock Aitken Waterman bill, singer Peter Cox said: “Long may the popularity of these shows continue, we are as busy as we’ve ever been.”

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The band came to international attention on the back of the Pretty Woman soundtrack song King Of Wishful Thinking, which was picked up while they were writing in America.

“That soundtrack has sold 11million copies and is still selling, the film is on TV pretty much 24 hours a day somewhere,” Peter said.

“We’d long worked in America without getting a breakthrough and the song was one of the first we’d written for what would be the Indian Summer album.

“We took it to our label and said we felt it was a strong song.

“They were putting together the soundtrack for this film - all we knew was it had Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in it.”

The rest, as they say, is history.