Gang of youths dumped shoebox full of kittens on doorstep of Bispham couple

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A cat rescue that took in four seriously ill, abandoned kittens has appealed for the owner of the mother cat to come forward.

Tender Paws cat shelter on Lytham Road were called to Ludlow Grove in Bispham at around 6pm on Friday after a gang of youths on bicycles were spotted dumping the shoebox full of kittens on a couple’s doorstep.

They were found to be suffering from serious cases of conjunctivitis, which, if left untreated, can lead to permanent sight loss.

Christine Meryem, of Tender Paws, has now appealed for the owner of the kitten’s mother to bring her in to the shelter ‘no questions asked’, as she has serious concerns about her health.

She said: “The kittens were in an appalling condition with leaking eyes.

“They had pus running out of their eyes and they will have got it from her.

“They needed to go straight to the vets.

“They are only about five weeks old. They need their mum, really.

“They are eating on their own. Two of them are being hand-fed.

“Abandoning kittens has been known to happen, but this was just so callous.

Five weeks old, and so ill.

“Had they not ben found they would have been exposed to the elements, seagulls, foxes and anything else. They probably would not have survived the night.”

Adressing the owner of the kittens’ mother, she said: “They should really take it to a vet right away, but failing that, if they want to surrender it to me I would gladly take it.

“It certainly needs vet treatment.”