First birthday galaat vintage arcade

Blackpool's last remaining vintage arcade is celebrating a year of taking its guests on a trip down memory lane.

Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 8:05 pm
Photo Neil Cross Sandra Taylor at Blackpool Ice Cream Kiosk and Vintage Arcade Museum, celebrating it's first year of successful business

Blackpool Ice Cream Kiosk and Vintage Arcade Museum on Chapel Street holds its claim to fame as the resort’s only old penny arcade.

Founded by Debbie Lewis and her partner Sandra Taylor in May 2015, the arcade celebrated its first anniversary with free snacks and rounds on its range of vintage machines.

Arcade owner Debbie, 52, of Molyneux Drive, said: “It has been a really interesting year.

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“We have always been interested in machines, and when I took over the shop last year we decided to go for it. We started with just one or two machines and took it from there.”

Arcade assisstant Sandra, 52, said: “We’ve got an old Bryan square crane that was made in 1934, and it’s all mechanical.

“We’ve got a flick-ball machine which runs on old pennies, and we have a 1962 Bryan Tick-Tock. You put the old penny in and turn a pendulum that swings from side to side.

“We’ve got a few conveyor machines that used to be all over the arcades in the 1950s. You have to guide a ball bearing around a track, and if you do you get your old penny back. We’ve got a double decker, which is an old 1960s coin-pusher, and a Crompton pusher from the early 1970s.

“We would be interested in any machines using old pennies.” Visitors at the arcade can take 10 old pennies to use at the museum’s Edwardian games for just £1.

Sandra said: “They’re unique. Parents and grandparents come in and remember their own childhoods. It takes them on a trip down memory lane.”

Debbie added: “Of course they are more popular with the older generation than with the children, but we do get parents bringing young ones in as well.

“We’re hopefully looking forward to a successful year ahead of us.”