Fire at home of pro golfer

Golfer Rick ShielsGolfer Rick Shiels
Golfer Rick Shiels
Firefighters were called upon when a dishwasher set alight in the Westhoughton home of professional golfer Rick Shiels.

Rick took to Twitter to share his experience with his social media followers and to thank fire service staff for their actions.

Rick tweeted: “Just had a huge fire at the house, caused by the dish washer. Thankfully we all got out quickly and safely. The fire service were incredible.

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“Literally the scariest moment I’ve experienced. The kids were in bed and we noticed strange noises coming from the kitchen.

“My kids and wife are fine and safe, that’s the main thing. The kitchen is damaged but repairable. Smoke damage throughout the house.”

The fire started at 7.29pm in the kitchen of the detached house in Daisy Hill, Westhoughton.

30-year-old Rick and his wife, 33, were in the house at the time of the fire while their children, aged two-years-old and four-months-old, were sleeping.

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On discovering the fire, Rick and his family members made their way outside and dialled 999.

Three fire engines, from Hindley, Atherton and Leigh, were sent by control operators to the address, with crew wearing breathing apparatus and using hose reels to fight the fire.

Watch Manager Neil Watson from, Hindley Community Fire Station, was in charge of the incident. He said: “We were called to a fire involving a dishwasher in the kitchen of the detached house. All occupants escaped without injury and the fire was found by the occupant prior to the smoke alarm in the house sounding.”

The fire is believed to have started due to an electrical fault in the dishwasher.

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Chairman of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “The recent fire in Westhoughton is a reminder just how easily a fire can break out at home, and for people to ensure they have working smoke alarms and an escape plan in place.

“If there is an electrical fire, and it is safe to do so, then pull out the plug or switch off the power at the fuse box. Never use water on an electrical fire and never take risks when it comes to safety - get out, stay out and call 999.”