Feud over £85,000 loan led to Hendry attack

A bitter feud over money ended with former Blackpool Football club manager Colin Hendry being punched and his daughter attacked in a Fylde restaurant.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 17th March 2014, 12:57 pm
Colin Hendry.

Hendry owed his former best friend Hector McFarlane £85,000 - money the ex-Scotland captain borrowed from his best friend despite knowing he was facing bankruptcy and the pal wouldn’t get much back.

McFarlane, of South Holme, Lytham, attacked Hendry when they came across each other in Portofino’s in Lytham and also punched Hendry’s model daughter Rheagan in the face, knocking her to the floor, Blackpool Magistrates heard.

McFarlane’s wife Williamina also admitted threatening Hendry’s 24-year-old daughter causing harassment, alarm and distress.

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Portofino, Henry Street, Lytham

They committed the offences because they felt they close friendship with Hendry and his family had been abused by the footballer who allegedly continued to enjoy a high lifestyle despite being made insolvent.

The money was never paid back and Hendry was then declared bankrupt owing the vast amount, some of the debts caused by his gambling habits.

Stuart Mills, prosecuting, said t the confrontation took place when Mrs McFarlane came across Rheagan Hendry in Portofino’s and remonstrated with her about the debt.

Mr Mills added: “She put her finger up and got into Rheagan Hendry’s face pushing past her and was intimidating towards her.

“Rheagan contacted her father and then Mr McFarlane became involved. His fists were swinging and one blow hit Rheagan in the face and she went to the floor.

“He then rained several blows on Mr Hendry’s back. The incidents were captured on CCTV and seen by a doorman.

“During the course of the attack Mr McFarlane said to Colin Hendry: “Where is my money?

“The McFarlane’s then fled the building.”

Stephen Duffy, defending, said the McFarlane’s had issued instructions by e-mail to plead guilty in their absence.

He told the magistrates: “The families were great friends and share a Scottish heritage and the McFarlane’s offered a lot of support to Colin Hendry during his wife’s long illness.

“Hector McFarlane then went onto to loan a huge amount of money to Colin Hendry only to find out he was in the process of going bankrupt and would ever be repaid a few pence in the pound.”

“What irked my client even more is that there appeared to be no reduction in Hendry’s lifestyle. It became an open sore – friction between the two families.

The couple admitted the offences through their lawyer at Blackpool Magistrates Court. They are currently living in Australia.

Hector McFarlane, 64, pleaded guilty to assaulting 48-year-old Colin Hendry and Rheagan in Portofino’s on June 2012. He was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £1,026.

That includes £50 compensation to mother-of-one Rheagan and £100 compensation Hendry.

Williamina McFarlane, 63, was ordered to pay £596 fines and costs. The were each given 56 days to pay.