Ex-fighter pilot reveals his air exploits

David Hamilton in the cockpit during his time as an RAF pilotDavid Hamilton in the cockpit during his time as an RAF pilot
David Hamilton in the cockpit during his time as an RAF pilot
A former fighter pilot who retired to Fylde has gone into print with his life story.

‘Time Flies - Reflections of a Fighter Pilot’ offers a fascinating insight into David Hamilton’s daily exploits during 30 years with the Royal Air Force, which saw him retire as a group captain in the late 1990s before he spent 12 years working with BAE at Warton.

It was the work at Warton, where he brought his vast experience to bear on the Eurofighter project, which brought him to live in Fylde and eight years ago, at the age of 60, he retired to Wrea Green, where he lives with wife Sally.

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“I never really intended to write my life story but after telling some of the stories from my career to my family, they convinced me to go for it and I found a publisher who was interested,” said David.

The book includes David’s RAF experiences during the Cold War years, his flying with the Red Arrows display team, which he also supervised, and his reflections on many high level staff meetings, including briefing the then Secretary of State for Defence, Michael Heseltine, during the formative years of the Eurofighter project.

Along with working as air advisor to former British Forces commander-in-chief Sir Peter de la Billiere after the first Gulf War, career highlights for David commanding a Tornado F3 squadron during that conflict in the early 1990s as well as flying off the aircraft carrier Ark Royal in the 1970s.

“I enjoyed writing the book and I hope people enjoy reading it,” said David. who hails originally from Scotland, gained his pilot’s licence at just 17 and flew Lightnings and F-4 Phantoms as well as being a Tornado F-3 squadron commander.

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His book is published by Fonthill Media, who describe it as “a serious study for the aviation enthusiast and military historian”.

Illustrated with a wide range of photographs, it is available from the Plackitt and Booth bookshop in Lytham as well as online at www.amazon.co.uk,