Euro MPwarns on 24 hour drinking

Alarming figures showing a dramatic increase in alcohol-related hospital admissions highlight the failure of 24 hour drinking, claims Fylde Euro MP Paul Nuttall.
Paul NuttallPaul Nuttall
Paul Nuttall

Statistics from the Nuffield Trust show emergency admissions due to the effects of alcohol, such as liver disease, have increased by more than 50 per cent in nine years in England and the number of visits for alcohol poisoning has doubled in six years.

Mr Nuttall said: “These are gloomy figures and it is particularly depressing that the rates are highest in the north of England.

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“At the same time fewer people are actually going to the pub, with closures running at 29 a week, and they are instead either staying in drinking cheap supermarket booze or pre-loading with it and then going out to late night bars and clubs.

“We have a serious problems with alcohol in this country and while this has come about through a combination of factors there is no doubt in my mind that the ill-conceived 24 hours drinking scheme, introduced by Labour, has a lot to answer for.

“The British drinking culture is totally different to the continental cafe society and this experiment has proved disastrous for both individuals and society, as backed up by these Nuffield Trust figures.”