'Why do women try to look after a dog and a baby at the same time?' - your views on mum's Fleetwood dog fouling fine

Susie Foley, of Thornton, with her little girl Scarlett
Susie Foley, of Thornton, with her little girl Scarlett
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A mum has vowed to contest a £100 fine after claiming an environmental enforcer watched her struggle with her young child before she could clean up after her dog.

Susie Foley, 35, was putting her 18-month-old daughter, Scarlett, into her pram when her pug dog, Stan, fouled in a public car park in Fleetwood.

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Mrs Foley says the enforcement officer then approached and informed her that as the dog had fouled, and she had not cleaned up the mess “forthwith”, she was liable for a fixed penalty notice.

These are your views on the issue:

I often wonder why women try and look after a dog and a baby at the same time. Please don’t lumber your wife with a dog if you are contemplating having a child. Would your boss allow you a dog in your workplace? If not why lumber your wife with one in hers. Not saying this is the case here but it’s worth considering. As far as this case goes if the mother had a poo bag, then her intentions must have been to pick up the poo, but if the video gives doubt then it would not be worth contesting the fine.

Roger Goodred

Why not leave the dog in the car until the child was safe in its pram? And someone, maybe someone else’s child, could have come along in the time and slipped in the dog’s mess. Sorry but it seems these days people are doing everything just for their “5 minutes of fame”

Wendy Norman

I’ve known Susie for many years and know for a fact she would have cleaned up as soon as her baby was attended to. This is just a case of lack of common sense from the officer and abuse of power. I’d be equally as annoyed if this happened to me.

Andy Taylor

There are always two sides to a conflict. If the lady is convinced she is in the right – go to court and allow the magistrates to decide.

Rich Spilman

Common sense gone out the window. Plus the officers are probably on commission!

What a joke

Dave Crowley

Maybe spend a bit of time on Lytham Road in Blackpool. It’s a disgusting mess.

Mick Knight

Oh dear this is so wrong. Give her a chance

Doris Hume

They are ridiculous with these fines – they accused me of throwing a cigarette when I was checking my daughter’s hand as she had hurt herself

Heather Ashton

I wonder how long we are talking here or how far from the dump the lady had taken her child to put him in his pram?

Billy Whizz

This is pathetic. I didn’t know there was a time limit from when it was done.

Adam Dugdale

I would like to see the video footage as I am sure everyone else would

Peter Foster