Questions raised over funding for 10,000 new Blackpool trees

10,000 new trees could be planted in Blackpool
10,000 new trees could be planted in Blackpool
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Proposals to plant 10,000 trees around Blackpool in the next 10 years have been questioned by councillors who claim funding is already in short supply for existing green areas.

The Green and Blue Infrastructure plan is aimed at making the most of the resort's open spaces including public parks, private plots of land, waterways, ponds and lakes.

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But Coun Kim Critchley said it was already difficult to get funding for parks.

She told a meeting of the tourism, economy and resources committee: "We have parks already and can't get funding for them at the moment.

"It's all anti-social behaviour, equipment that is broken and nothing gets done."

Fellow Hawes Side councillor Debbie Coleman said trees in Crossland Road Park in the ward had recently been chopped down.

But John Blackledge, director for community and environmental services at Blackpool Council, said the resort's parks compared well with others in Lancashire.

He said: "If you compare with other authorities in Lancashire, you will be surprised how many playgrounds we have, other facilities and multi use games areas.

"And against all odds we have managed to maintain that, and a lot of local people have been inspired to get involved."

It is hoped the Green and Blue Infrastructure plan will help boost the health of residents by encouraging them to spend more time outdoors.

Blackpool has the lowest amount of tree cover in England while figures show just 18,500 people use the outdoor environment each week which is 5,000 less than the national average.